Friday, October 29

May your pumpkin become a chariot...

...your Wonder Woman tiara sparkle as you fly...
....may Michelangelo and Donatello find the rest of the turtles...
...and all your subjects give you the candy you deserve, your Highness....
...may your face not freeze that way and may people laugh at your jokes.... you celebrate this Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27


I am busy rendering my first perspective for class! Eech! Scared to touch it! I have all the values put in, next up is watercolor.
Sorry for the quality...the cameras keep disappearing around here so I had to take it with the laptops camera. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 25

Lake Work Weekend

We went to the lake this past weekend to do some good ol' demolition. My little brother (ok, just younger) come down from UNC just to see me! Actually he had an interview with a company in Atlanta for a real grown-up job...and he got it! Yay! But I digress. So the basement bathroom, pictures of which you have not yet seen, was to be demo'ed and expanded into a closet. I took pictures of it, but they are on Nates phone....sorry. And his phone is with him at work. Thus, I cannot post the pictures. But you can see a brief glimpse of it in these pictures, if its eating you up I will post them when he gets home. Now to the fun part. This is what the bedroom next to the bathroom looked like.
 See those closet doors? In a matter of blog-land seconds that closet will become part of the bathroom.
After I convinced Demolition-Darryl and No-Holds-Barred-Nate that we did indeed have to clear the room before it became a construction zone it looked like this. 
Back on the other side of the wall Travis took the first swing (after the toilet, sink and vanity had been removed) at that wallpaper. I think the wallpaper alone was holding the room together. It was made of some miracle material that modern science has since lost. The stuff would. not. tear.
If you look closely you can see the joy on his face. (Here is my disclaimer: You might notice throughout these pictures that certain peoples are not wearing the correct goggles, facemasks, shoes or even pants. Despite this oversight/ lack of caring I tried to make this worksite as safe as possible with constant shouts of "watch out," "be careful," or "are you crazy." And the good news is that no one is missing any appendages.)
There is Nate amidst the remains of an acoustic drop ceiling that must have been only 7 feet high. You can see that the wall to the right of Nate is mostly devoid of drywall at this time.
You can see where the vanity once sat (below the mirror) and the toilet to the right. The shower is still in there. 

The guys decided that, since they had not used a power tool up to this point, the best way to get the shower out was to cut it into the bedroom.
Mission accomplished.
The last remaining piece of history. Love that etched plastic light fixture. 
Doesn't the room already feel fresher with the orange carpet torn out?
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

 Upstairs (which you have not seen pictures of) we continued to peel wallpaper down from the kitchen walls. We used a homemade brew: 1 part vinegar to 1 part water, heated on stove then applied via sponge, sprayer or whatever method worked best. Oh, and those spindle beds from the basement seen leaning up against the wall? Those came home with us :)
I am exhausted just thinking about this weekend. Hoped you enjoyed!

Sinks, lighting, tile, and faucets...oh my

images via Urban Grace Interiors

Wednesday, October 20

Update on this thing called life

I thought I might catch y'all up on things here. This past weekend was action packed. Nate's parents flew in from Orlando as a birthday surprise for his mom, yay! We had so much fun seeing them and gathering with family. The theme of the weekend was eating: Cantina 1511, Original Pancake House, Firebirds and Maggianos all in one weekend. Whew. Had to put on those sweatpants after all that.  Sunday afternoon we went to a church pumpkin patch, just like we always did growing up.
 It was so much fun picking a pumpkin! I loved the warty ones, and the green ones. Reacher thought it was great fun, he chewed on the pumpkin stems and even peed on a pumpkin, yes, he peed. Proud moment for me. Luckily it was a church pumpkin patch and everyone just laughed. I wiped it off with a napkin...but didn't buy it.
 Here is our pumpkin picking picture sequence. One day, when Reacher's opposable thumbs grow in, he can take a picture of me and Nate.
I tried to get more of the pumpkins for Nate's glamour shot... see our green pumpkin in front? Makes me smile.
 Last but not least here are some fabrics that are inspiring a bedroom at mom's house. Love them, the weathers got me picking all these wooly plaids.
Headed to the lake this weekend to gut that bathroom, will take some progress pictures! On another front, I am busy today cooking/decorating/planning our Apartment Life Halloween party, same tomorrow + class + actual party. Friday= freedom/ running personal errands then lake! See? I can do math.

Sunday, October 10

a place to rest your head

Bedroom from Amelie, via Elle Decorbedroom-design-silver-screen-main.jpg
SJP's bedroom in Sex and the City,via Elle Decor
Stephen Gambrel via Elle Decor

Nancy Boszhardt via House Beautiful

Robert Goodwin via House Beautiful

Peter Dunham via House Beautiful
bedrooms - Lonny Ron Marvin dark blue walls paint color tortoiseshell mirror orange velvet pillow glass crystal lamps gray velvet throw wood nightstands
Ron Marvin via Lonny
bedrooms - Heather Chadduck seafoam green headboard bed yellow pillows duvet sconces sisal rug  Bright Guest Room  Blue green headboard withnailheadbedrooms - pink walls white bed pink tufted bench polished chrome sconces rug yellow silk damask drapes espresso nightstands  Julio Quinonesbedrooms - canopy hotel style bed linens photo collage  bedroom  traditional guest room w/ a modern twist

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