Friday, January 20

Lights, bathroom, crazy-train

I began this blog to help me corral my hair-brained, crazy train thoughts. When functioning in multiple universes (as my dad refers to my is absolutely genetic...craziness, that is), and as the wife of an extroverted, dreamer husband who would talk to a brick wall if it talked back, I need an outlet that allows me string my thoughts together. I miss that. Somewhere along the way this blog became about me speaking out to the world (just bloggers, actually) and I began subconsciously lobbying for more followers, hits per day,  and honorable mentions. All this to say, I really do want to keep blogging. So things might get messier around here as I revert to stream of consciousness.

I love the moulding in this space by Kelly Wearstler...
We will be painting the wood floors upstairs so I have been gathering tutorials on how to do, here, and here. The floors are soft pine that have seen better days, entire sections have been pulled up (I think to wire some of the rooms downstairs...we like it ghetto 'round these parts). 

I've been gathering inspiration for our "kids" bath upstairs. 
Feels like a room, not a bath...
 Handy-dandy storage...
Paneling... and those are all the hints you get - because that is all I know. 

I can't get the "sexy and I know it" song out of my head. My cute, innocent sister-in-law to be sent the LMFAO music video to Travis a while back, and it simultaneously makes me want to puke in a shoe and giggle. Look it up if you dare. I was going to put the link here, but YouTube has deemed it inappropriate for all audiences and you might have to sign up to see it. Too much hassel.

Meanwhile the saga to find three light fixtures to hang in our newly raised hallway continues. Meet the contenders: first up is the crowd favorite...
Cirque by Urban Electric Co. 

And really there is no competition. 

Thursday, January 19

She said "yes", he said "wow"

This past weekend my little brother proposed to his lobster (who can name it and doesn't think I am totally batty?)! We could not be more excited about adding Melissa to our family! The secret has been killing us softly for the past few months but it was so worth it...
 Aren't they just a beautiful couple? After the proposal, we spent the weekend getting to know Melissa's family at the lake. We bonded while waiting for Travis to arrive at the lake house with Melissa. We were instant family. Baby Caleb even went for his first hike (and loved it).
Yay for weddings!

Tuesday, January 17

Pink for a change

Nothing softens the scourge of winter like a bright dose of pink!

Monday, January 9

I made this. It delighted our taste buds. You should make it, too.

I could say that one of my New Year's resolutions is that I am going to be a more frequent, devoted blogger...but that probably won't happen. I have resolved to make an effort to eat local, visiting the farmer's market across the street, AND I am learning to cook intuitively and simply. Much of this new vision for our eating comes from the book I am re-reading for at least the 6th time....wait for it...Under the Tuscan Sun. (And the documentary, Ingredients) Don't mock. It is nothing like the laughable movie by the same name. This book is amazing.

I digress. This recipe is neither intuitive or very simple but it is splendid. Worth every penny and every hour it took to make. Make a note to yourself: if I make this dish for you I must really, really adore you.

P.S. This may be the most ghetto thing I have ever done on this blog. As soon as I realized that I had to type the recipe out, I began regretting it...keepin' it classy.


Back to Under the Tuscan Sun - my favorite part this time around:

Southerners have a gene, as yet undetected in the DNA spirals, that causes them to believe that place is fate. Where you are is who you are. The further inside you the place moves, the more your identity is intertwined with it. Never casual, the choice of place is the choice of something you crave.

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