Thursday, March 25

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I can't get that fabric out of my mind.

From this chair.
In the back of my mind there was in inkling that French General had antique-looking beautiful fabrics. So I went on over and here are some that I found and love.

Some of my favorite ones were discontinued, so why tempt m I ask you French General? In addition to the beautiful linens they have some ready made items.
The website says the Louisiana bag is "perfect for knitters, crafters, and readers." Though I will admit my knitting days only lasted until my scarf was about an inch and a half long. This book would be right up my alley.
It makes me want a home with acreage where we can take our meals outside on a loooong  table covered in beautiful linens, with lanterns and lights hanging in the trees. ahh.

Tuesday, March 23

Dining Chair Options: Part 1

While planning for our dining room I always knew that whatever I found to go in there would probably need some TLC, DIY...and any other three letter acronyms you can think of. I never dreamed of finding a completely blank slate to work with. So the idea was always that I would paint them. But I want to throughly explore my options before making a decision about fabric, paint, and trim because I want these chairs to be able to move with us out of our apt. and into our first home. 

Option 1: Paint frame white

Option 2: Paint frame a snazzy color :)

Option 3: Silver-leaf or Gold-leaf
{don't you just want to be in that balloon room right now?}

Option 4: Stain the frame a "natural" color
{I don't really know where to put the above picture, it could be painted black or stained ebony, which would be natural...I think}
{Once again, don't know if this is a paint or some sort of lime-wash. What do you think?}
This last image is one of my all-time, top ten, absolutely favorite, can-dream-about-it-all-night-long chairs. And I honestly cannot even remember where I got the image, does anyone out there in blog-land know where it is from?
I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so drop me a line!


I started P90X again last that explains the ouch. My workout regime has been, well, it hasn't been in existance since Nate and I got married last July. (eech!) Sure, there has been a day or two here or there where I thought to myself, surely I am back on track. haha :) I think we have all had that. So I decided to bite the bullet, I can admit to myself now that my workouts are better if Tony Horton is there encouraging me to do more with his made-up words like "stablatic." (a mix of ballistic and static stretching, makes you want to know more, eh?)  See the fire in his eyes? Scary.
Nate and I were doing P90X my senior year of college right before we got engaged. Then he proposed and I quit with only two weeks left, so ashamed! (in all the excitement maybe I just forgot to work out?)
Some of you might not know what P90X is and the short version is that its a fitness regime where you work out with Tony and his cronies for 1 to 1.5 hours, 6 days a week. So with Hawaii approaching in less that four months here I go again. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 22

Please, come take a seat... my new dining room chairs. Well, actually, you can't actually sit in them quite yet.
Last Wednesday my mom, best friend and  I visited a magical land chock full of unfinished chair frames for only $60 each. Yes, 60$. Amazing, I know. Unfortunately the guy who owned it told us they were trying to sell off their remaining chairs and would not be restocking them :( Imagine beautiful chairs stacked a story tall and anything you can imagine! Heaven. After 2 hours of digging, lifting, maneuvering, and scratching our heads these four lovelies came home with me. I know some of you out there might be wondering, "Why are there four different chairs?" Well, I love the imperfection of mismatched furniture, the look that says, "We have been gathered from other parts of the house and thrown together, and somehow we just work." We call it the layered look. I am currently gathering images of chairs to try and gather my ideas, will post them later! Have a wonderful Monday!

Monday, March 15

Playing Catch-up

Last week I visited our local HomeGoods, where I surprisingly only found one thing I had to come home with: this lattice mirror. At first I thought I might hang it on our porch, which I am about to begin decking out, but no commitment there. For $25.99 I am glad I bought it...even though I am not completely sold on the shabby-chic finish, yet.
At TJ Maxx I scored this 2'x3' rug for only $29.99. I love the vibrant red, hints of celery, blue and white. The back of it says "Kazak weave, Genuine Hand Made in India." It is currently adorning the floor of our kitchen.
And lastly, after visiting 4 of Charlotte's Targets (and one of Greenville's, thanks Mom) I was unable to find another white silk lamp shade with the black ribbon trim. Instead, I think I have decided to stick with these:
They do not have quite the same glamour, but they look good on? What do you think? Has anyone out there seen another one of these lampshades?

Monday DIY

Wouldn't this woven raffia side table from Williams-Sonoma Home be a wonderful DIY project?
Using a dresser, chest or table from Craigslist or even a Lack side table from Ikea, some burlap.

And maybe topping it off with a clear high gloss paint a la Eddie Ross and some nailhead trim.

Easy peasy and much less expensive that WS Home's sale price for one nightstand: $1062.50 

Friday, March 12

Rainbow of Rugs

I have been scouring the internet over the past few days looking for rugs and love the graphic, colorful ones I found at Shades of Light.

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