Friday, April 22

1st Dibs first

another Milo most favorite of all
Springer faux-alligator covered parson table
Holy cow,  I could be obsessed. THIS one is my ABSOLUTE favorite. 
another Milo Baughman

On to other areas. The other day I was specifying some modern light fixtures for school and fell in love with this Serge Mouille floor lamp. But, at $8,200, I just had to say goodbye to my modern lighting dreams. 
Until I remembered White on White....enter the po' mans version... for only $395. Steal. It's on the list. 

Just had to get all that out there. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Tuesday, April 19

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

This past weekend the menagerie headed to Greenville/the lake to try and wrap up a few more decisions.
This is what we arrived to at the lake....walls polka-dotted with hundreds of paint swatches and the wall leading to the basement all pretty-fied up with barn board. This made the two floors significantly more cohesive (since the upstairs will not be getting some TLC for a while).
 As you can guess we were working on colors.... downstairs will be Aesthetic White by SW. The guys were pulling for a burnt yellow- you can understand now why we banished them to naps and playing with Reacher.
 Here are some unadulterated, non-iPhone, photos of the basement.
 Some of the light fixtures are up... the foosball table goes below those pendants.
  Eric is standing in the ping-pong lair.
 Here is where all of the major dilemmas occurred this weekend: shelving, painting, flooring. Such a tiny room, such passionate decisions. I, of course, want to stick to the plan and paint it all white. Everyone else wants to live in the woods. So right now we will live in the woods and see how it goes. But now the shower sticks out like a sore thumb.... look at the cool drink holding niches that Jeff built in? Sick, huh? Ok, they are really for facewash....but they are currently serving their alter-purpose well.
 Now, don't blink. Below is the toilet wall before Jeff built the shelves....
 And literally 40 minutes later these were in....ah-mazing.  I wish I were a carpentress.
Back up to the photo below. Take a moment to imagine Seneca, SC (think Natty Light, rat-tails, cut-off denim) about 30 years ago when this house was built. Building codes? Nope. Logic? Apparently not. And so we have wrestled back and forth with the basement bathroom in particular. Note the strange triangle in the ceiling.  Oh, it was much worse in the beginning....
(see "the beginning" below in these previously unpublished photos...we just found them on Nate's iPhone)

 To continue my story...the homeowners decided while installing the basement bathroom that instead of addressing the painful state of the ceiling they were just going to install a drop acoustic ceiling. End of problem :)
To read this epic novel from the beginning, click here.
Have a great day. I just received word that the light fixtures and mirror are up the the bathroom. We successfully agreed upon flooring this past weekend, and we only have carpet left! And a few light fixtures...

Monday, April 11

ROYGBIV : : Orange

Designed by Tom Sheerer
Photographer Alessio Bolzoni for Grey magazine
Jacob Macfarlane Orange Cube
Sofas by Ligne-Roset
Feirstein & Heckman via Lonny

Friday, April 8

A sophisticated, welcoming living room

So. Ms. Peller (fictional) is proving to be  quite time consuming. I deemed this morning a no school work zone. And while I don't have much to say, since my week has been spent scrolling through the Hancock and Moore website (and many many others, I have to see every option before making a decision...time consuming), I do have a few images to share with you.

 I just realized that I specified that tortoiseshell end table for my client. LOVE it. I must be on to something or just very vulnerable darkrooms with sexy pieces.
I love the shape of those built-ins...and the cerulean blue velvet chairs, chesterfield sofa....
And lastly, a beautiful, collected, corner of what I am sure is a stunning room.

Friday, April 1

The update we've all been waiting for :: the lake house basement

And another one bites the dust. I spent yesterday driving to Greenville, visiting the lake, and 3 tile showrooms, drinking sweet tea and playing on my iPhone. Yes, I joined the 21st century. My poor flip phone circa 2001 was the subject of constant ridicule and, as a highly visual, becoming-more-ADD-with-age kinda girl I had to get a new phone. That way when I get the urge or randomly remember something I was supposed to do, I can. I digress, but once again too much soy-latte = rambling, incoherent posts with run on sentences.

And back to the lake. The ceiling is installed and freaking beautiful in person. The color of it was hard to catch because it was so cloudy yesterday (and I was using my iPhone which I haven't quite figured out).
That wall looks like it was the object of a round of  hammer toss.
 The picture above is green and blurry, but I just wanted to show y'all the amazing detail work that Jeff put into every single corner.  In the picture below, there used to be a closet on that back wall.
 The sink is up in the bathroom and barn wood is installed half-way up one wall. I am obsessed with this sink. We will be either painting the wood white or giving the barn-wood a white wash (will cover all walls and ceiling in the bathroom). One reason we were there was to look at flooring samples for the bathroom. I loved the brick tile below but it was too thick. Will have to keep hunting.
Sorry for being ADD, but I wanted to post this before I forgot...or a week passed...or Nate's sister and her beau came into town...or a leaf fluttered outside my window.

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