Tuesday, August 23

Hurricanes Ahead

I'm going to be stepping away from the blog over the next few weeks until we move into the house. Too many balls in the air between work, school, moving and renovating so this is going to be the ball I drop. Hope no one minds, make sure you check back in mid-September for house renovatin' details!

I may drop in with a thought or two between now and mid-September, sometimes I just can't resist :)

Don't you love the Bee Cottage? Has anyone else been soaking up the monthly articles from House Beautiful?

Thursday, August 18

Let us send parcels by post...

Our new custom stamp should be in our mailbox when I get home. Fingers crossed. 
From Etsy.

Tuesday, August 16


Are you a bubbles person? Not me. I hate baths, and its a good thing to because in our house we currently do not have a "master" bath and intend to carve one out without adding on. For us, bigger is not always better. (At least that is what we tell ourselves as we are drawing up plans for the bathroom broomcloset) In our case I think that adding onto the house for extra SF would be a huge error and detract from the authenticity of the house that we love so much.

I am now faced with the task of narrowing down our dream bathroom. Here are some faves so far...

 Charming, full of nooks, looks like its been there forever...
 Duh. Jenna Lyons bathroom is my favorite. The painted woodwork, brass, wood floors...

Saturday, August 13

I love a really tall, strong, dark...

Reacher and Nate crammin' in the Zzzzs before a day of packing up. What dog doesn't sleep right on top of his human?
Obviously,  I am taking a mental health break from the bubble wrap, paper and tape. But seriously, what's not to love about moving?
Come on over, put your feet up, have a cup o' tea. I promise its relaxing. Lies. Have a wonderful weekend! 

This lake house blows my socks off

From this month's House Beautiful.

Thursday, August 11

Bumps in the Road (and Bellies) and House Pics

It's a BOY! For my brother and sister-in-law, that is. Nate turned to me last night and said, "So, what are they having?" I don't know whether to be flattered that my husband keeps up with my blog or laugh because life flies by and I forgot to tell him what the sex of Reese and Linds' baby. Here is Linds at her halfway point!
Her halfway baked baby bump is my everyday :) Can't wait to meet him.

It seems that every time I mention a baby on this blog I have some sort of house update. Final update of updates... it is all so official now that we sort of feel nauseous. Closing September 16. Documents signed. Not backing out now. We have been anticipating this since last OCTOBER...the very first time we walked through the house, and now that it's happening we are simultaneously anxious and giddy. 

Very giddy. 

So you might have seen the exterior of our new home, and that psychedelic/country kitchen, how 'bout a tour of our dining room?
 I apologize now for the pathetic offering of pictures. But it's what I have. When we move in I will make an official "Before" page of pictures. Until then, 'dis what you get. The swinging door in this picture leads to our butler's pantry.
 The dining room is HUGE (to us) and has these beautiful sliding oak doors that are about 3 inches thick, 8 feet tall and stripped to the bare wood. THEY are the reason I wanted this house. No, it is true. Ask Nate. You can see them in the above picture. There is a coal burning fireplace, Victorian light fixture and mantle...mmm...not exactly our style. But the great big windows, original molding,  tall ceilings, large rooms, and fireplaces are. 
I'm staring into the eyes of  a buffalo chicken pizza at Mellow Mushroom and a weekend full of packing. Wish us luck. 

Can't wait to have you all over to see our new home!!!

Monday, August 8

All in a good night's sleep

I'm loving these beds from Garnet Hill.
Especially this next one...
I hope everyone had a great weekend...ours was...how to say it...tumultuous. My little brother came and stayed with us which was awesome, found out my big bro is having a ____! (I just remembered my dad might read this...and he somehow believes that he won't find out what the sex of the baby is until it is born) Those were the awesome things. On the not-so-awesome side. I was in a wreck on Friday night AND (dum-da-dum) I spilled soy milk on the computer (also on Friday night). Man, was I a wreck.

Computer is still ticking away.

I got in a wreck for a couple of reasons, one being that we had just walked through the house and it always skeeves me out when the current owners are in the house when we are. And some dude was blowing wet pine needles into the road during a storm. DUMB. Proof: wet road covered in pine needles and one very clear sidewalk. Needless to say the chump high-tailed it out of there upon seeing our wreck.
Had to get that off my chest. Off to work.

Monday, August 1

Our life is a circus

lalallalalala. That is about the extent of thoughts that I can string together at this moment. This blog has become less of a center for design inspiration (at least for y'all) and more ramblings of my life. I'm going to keep at it (if thats okay with y'all) since it helps me organize my thoughts and ideas. Take me off the blog-roll if you want purely design.

Since starting work I have had very little time to focus on the lake. But weekend guests for Labor Day are putting (good) pressure on and I have gotten many things done(ish). How bout this saweet lamp I got for the lake:
 I think he is perfectly lake-y.
I also got the rug I wrote about:
AND ordered several fixtures to try out in the main room of the basement.  P.R.O.D.U.C.T.I.V.I.T.Y.
Sort of. 
I also got a decidedly UN-summery pedicure just to spite summer in the face. I can't think, its too hot outside...my feet are veiny...

Speaking of painful, suffocating humidity, we get to move in it. Twice. Ohhhh, yes. More on that later when I know more, but the end of the house saga is in sight. Our short sale process has been reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, Saw (I-XXVI), Tears of the Sun...and The Wiggles on repeat. In light of the horror of it all (and the fact that we will be homeless for 2 weeks in September) we will spend one of those 2 weeks just hiding at the lake. Awesomeness. The other week my awesome sister-in-law will probably be our hostess. She has offered out of kindness, but doesn't realize that we might actually take her up on it :)
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