Wednesday, October 20

Update on this thing called life

I thought I might catch y'all up on things here. This past weekend was action packed. Nate's parents flew in from Orlando as a birthday surprise for his mom, yay! We had so much fun seeing them and gathering with family. The theme of the weekend was eating: Cantina 1511, Original Pancake House, Firebirds and Maggianos all in one weekend. Whew. Had to put on those sweatpants after all that.  Sunday afternoon we went to a church pumpkin patch, just like we always did growing up.
 It was so much fun picking a pumpkin! I loved the warty ones, and the green ones. Reacher thought it was great fun, he chewed on the pumpkin stems and even peed on a pumpkin, yes, he peed. Proud moment for me. Luckily it was a church pumpkin patch and everyone just laughed. I wiped it off with a napkin...but didn't buy it.
 Here is our pumpkin picking picture sequence. One day, when Reacher's opposable thumbs grow in, he can take a picture of me and Nate.
I tried to get more of the pumpkins for Nate's glamour shot... see our green pumpkin in front? Makes me smile.
 Last but not least here are some fabrics that are inspiring a bedroom at mom's house. Love them, the weathers got me picking all these wooly plaids.
Headed to the lake this weekend to gut that bathroom, will take some progress pictures! On another front, I am busy today cooking/decorating/planning our Apartment Life Halloween party, same tomorrow + class + actual party. Friday= freedom/ running personal errands then lake! See? I can do math.

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