Thursday, February 24


I have a 3 foot high pile of laundry to fold. It might be everything we own. Today, I bought my first tube of oil paint (only about a 1,000 more things to get before I can start), gotta use those Michael's coupons AND I have a little project up my sleeve involving these babies we got from Nate's grandma:
Still trying to finalize the direction I want to go but I love the architectural lines of the lamps. Perhaps something along the lines of the ones below (room by Domicile Interior Design.)
Hoping to get those babies primed before the weekend hits: cousin dinner, Habitat House, my first Settlers of Catan marathon. Love those weekends at home.


Have you ever read Nicole Cohen's blog Sketch42? She designs, she paints, she blogs...wish we were real-life friends :)

Tuesday, February 22

Greetings compadres

Happy Tuesday to you all! This past weekend Nate and I went up to the lake for some much needed relaxation DIY time. (Actually it was to celebrate our birthdays but, alas, we were shanghaied into priming the new sheetrock in the basement) It was all pleasure, and we knew what we were getting ourselves into. The weekend was gorgeous and included naps in the sun (for Nate and Travis, punks), lots of wine and delicious food at Paesano's (the only, I repeat, ONLY restaurant in Seneca to go for "fine dining"), and of course a little labor.

Exhibit #1
My dad's fingers covered in primer while eating a sandwich. Never one to be daunted by a little paint, blood, or 300 pound mattresses, my dad insisted on eating his sandwich without cleaning his hands... even a couple chips (which required finger dexterity and not a few flecks of paint in the mouth, I'm sure).
AND...we all had Home Depot painter hats...

Exhibit #2
The kings of 25 year old mattresses. Two of the mattresses in better shape were taken by a guy at the dump to be used for his dogs...Reacher scoffed when he heard this and declared that he only wanted to sleep on our mattress, with sheets.

Exhibit #3
And now for the pictures we all know you came here to see:
We primed the new drywall downstairs. That is pretty much it...sorry to disappoint. But do you see the stacks of barnwood for the ceiling?? Exciting.

 Meanwhile in the bathroom: The shower is framed in and the wall that will hold the sink has been reinforced to hold up to 400 pounds, and all the new plumbing has been run.

Exhibit #4
Proof that my 8 ton kitten really does eat while lying down. (laying? lying? I looked it up but lost interest, which one is it?)
In other news, the house is in chaos...which I think goes without saying. The cats had to sleep on the table because there was no where else to go.

It was like Christmas at the lake as I got to open more of the items that have come in...lights, faucets, sinks (beautiful). Hopefully there will be more updates soon!

Friday, February 18

CB2 surprise

Loving all of the brightly colored and richly textured items CB2 has been carrying. I want a few of those throw pillows right now...have a great weekend. Off to a lake work weekend/birthday weekend. 

Style Profile :: Domicile Interior Design

I am loving the work of Domicile Interior Design. These two ladies based out of California are the peak of chic (just look at what they are wearing on their website, one of each please). I could just take that first bedroom home with me and live happily ever after. Their work has such a collected and personal feel...check out their blog.

Thursday, February 17

Happy Happy Birthday, from all of us to you

Did anyone out there go to Applebee's for their birthday when they were kids? Remember that chant/song they would all come out and sing and then you would hum at random times in the following weeks? I'm humming that song for you right now, Nate.

Seafoam green with envy...

I was catching up on my emails this morning and saw this kitchen in one of this weeks Houzz ideabooks. It makes me smile. By Garrison Hullinger Interior Design out of Portland.

Tuesday, February 15

Pretty in pink

Two weekends ago my sweet neighbor was moving out (miss you Sarah) and she was getting rid of some things and Nate went scavenging. He came home with a lamp, shelves, and puppy pee pads, which we have gifted to our other neighbors who are getting a golden puppy. After Nate went scavenging I noticed there was one lonely lamp left and I snatched it up quickly. Insert that lampshade I have been hanging on to for two years (from his awesome G'parents) and voila!
You know my strange obsession with lamps and this one is just delightful in all her vintage glory. I love the gold striping and brass base and vintage-y mint green. And everything is sweeter when it's free.

On a bit more scholastic note. We had an exercise in class last week where we had to poll people about a color we were assigned and based on the results build a room around it. Thought you might like to see what we do for school work :)

The paint sample in the picture is turning a bit more hot pink than it is in real life, and that velvet is not quite so coral. Anyways, I had to design a feminine room using 6 items from the design lab...I have to say, I am pretty happy with how it turned out and would actually love to see this room come to life :) I am so girly sometimes. That's all I have to share today, folks.

Monday, February 14

Turning 24, goals, and other tidbits

I am officially 24. I am actually beginning to feel like an adult (save the sweatpants, wacky creative impulses, lack of a real job...hmm) But who out there really wants to grow-up? I kind of hope I never do. Anyways, one my my goals for 24 is to figure a few things out like what I'm going to do with my life.  I have a degree in Architecture, and I am taking classes in Interior Design so I know where my passions lie. But several rounds of  job applications have been busts and there is always a thought lingering in the back of my mind about working for myself (sounds less intimidating than starting my own business, but, in essence, is the same). Terrifying because I do not know if I would be successful (I have a tendency to like straight A's and thumbs up) and how long I would be doing it...babies, husband, home, job. How can you balance it all? End of mind-vomit.

On a lighter note, 24 is the year that I begin painting. I don't know what this looks like yet, but have been researching oils vs. acrylics, techniques and supplies needed and really really  want to do this. (So does my mom and older brother, the von Trapp family painters) I am hesitant to show y'all the type of painting that I want to do because that's alot to live up to. But rest assured, it will be colorful and probably not bound by reality.

Speaking of 24. Nate had a wonderful weekend planned for my birthday including two dinners out (my favorite thing to do). One of them included a surprise from my best friend for dinner. AND crazy fun bowling with about 20 of our friends here in Charlotte. I have to follow up this Thursday with his 25th birthday. Please note Nate with his thumbs up in the group picture...awkward.

Thursday, February 3

I love birthdays

It isn't even 9:30 and already Nate has surprised me with flowers, a balloon, and coffee with a chocolate filled croissant from Dean and Deluca. Max has commandeered the balloon and has been carrying it around the house and Reacher thinks the balloon is an intruder and eyes it with animosity. I love birthdays.
Surprise birthday cake for me and Nessa our freshman year of college (her birthday was monday). We now need to get together and discuss this phenomenon of aging and all of the wisdom that I can feel filling my head as I type. Can I legitimately post a happy birthday picture for myself? Yes, I think so. 

Green with envy

I wanted to share with y'all the adorable invitations that we picked for Baby Girl Barham's shower. We wanted the shower invitation to be gender neutral so those manly-men would not feel intimidated. From here. And bonus points, the mommy-to-be's favorite color is green.

Tuesday, February 1

Hit me, Craigslist, one more time.

I took Little Green Notebooks advice and searched "pair" in Craigslist. It is now a favorite search of mine along with "vintage", "antique", and "bamboo".

A pair of Italianate beauties here. I want these so bad I can taste it (only $100) we could use them in our imaginary baby girl nursery, reupholster them in a subtle stripe or lipstick pink velvet? Can you dig it? Now, I know we said no birthday gifts, Nate,...but do you want to change your mind?
image 2190769158-0
These end tables could be so cool painted on either side of a English roll arm sofa.
image 2163527631-0
image 2163527631-2
These beauties would be left untouched if they went in my home. 

I am laughing at myself for going overboard today with the blogging...I forget how much I enjoy it when I take my little hiatuses. 

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis

The title of this post has nothing to do with my life except I was watching it last night. And now the song is in my head!

An update: My classes finally started despite the efforts of our atmosphere to thwart them. I have three classes: Principles of Elements and Design (so fun, we rip out pictures from Elle Decor and analyze them), Products (we visit local trade showrooms), and Professional Practice for Interior Designers (very interesting, answers all those lingering questions). Reacher is now in doggie daycare two days a week. We knew he would not be able to handle the kennel for 8 hours two days a week, nor could I handle him once he got out of his kennel. He LOVES it. And sleeps hard for 24 hours afterwards.
This was after his first day at daycare, he is holding his duck and Max is concerned that he has stopped breathing. If you are in the Charlotte area, Reacher goes here. This morning I took Reacher out to do business and when we came back in he got in our bed (yes, spoiled, we know.) and slept until 10:30, alone. Max is growing like a beanstalk and he lays down to eat. 

Our schedule is filling up too quickly for our comfort and we are almost booked until June. How do you do it once you have kids?

For Christmas and my birthday, my parents got me a Saarinen tulip side table. We (me and the side table) are in love. 
The clutter in my guest room is a combination of real life, lack of storage, and fear of organizing. The clutter in my kitchen is just laziness...but we won't share pictures of that. As spring draws near Nate and I are anxiously awaiting the listing of more homes on the market (we have been through a handful, but we are kind of picky, anyone out there relate?). Who knows where the Lord will eventually land us, but we would like a home in disrepair so that we can renovate it to our tastes. We have about 10 months left with Apartment Life and we figure it would take at least that long to find a house, close on it and do at least some of the thousands of repairs and renovations (hopefully) before moving in and living a vagabond life on the floor with no furniture. Except my tulip table and Parson table, of course...and all my lamps. 

And lastly, I turn 24 this Thursday (really big hint to some people ;) ). Mixed feelings. I LOVE birthdays, but 24? 

Parson table re-mix

You might recognize this Parson table from my mom's office. We got a new tv here at the Sittema pad and she graciously allowed me to steal it right out from under here so we could put the tv on it. It originally came from my dad's veterinary practice and my guess is that it is from the 70's. We decided to paint it a high gloss white which will  (one day) smartly juxtapose my dream classic pieces such as tufted back club chairs (unfortunately, they might not be chartreuse like the ones we have now...darn), an English roll arm sofa, etc. I am in LOVE with my freebie Parson table. 
I began by using wood filler and a putty knife to fill in some dings.  

Then I sanded that blue laminate down...laminate, yes, but this is one solid piece. That laminate was tough stuff, built to last.

I used Benjamin Moore in Mountain Peak White (not too white, very subtle warm undertones, no blue undertones, perfect for this). We had a few snafus throughout the process. 1) I forgot to start with a boy... it took us three, maybe four (I can't even remember) coats to cover that blue. 2) I used a high gloss latex which I love using because it cuts out the extra poly step (everyone has their own way to paint, try them all and use your favorite) BUT the high density foam rollers that we used to paint the bookshelf ages ago kept causing bubbles (they were unused). Apparently with a high gloss the best roller to use is a mohair...sounds fancy and it works.
And now she is the home to our tv. Her leggy form unfortunately leaves everything else to be seen...oh well. One day she will be an amazing desk or sofa table or bar...until then she will hold our tv, against an equally while wall.

I realize that I left off on our history of furniture lessons last semester so here is one for today. An article from the New York Times on the history of the Parson table:

Now considered the Gap pocket T of American interior design, the Parsons table used to be a deluxe decorating item, available only to decorators and architects who had it custom-made by cabinetmakers. Even so it seems to have somewhat egalitarian roots.

In the most likely version of the story the French decorator Jean-Michel Frank, the undisputed master of luxurious minimalism, was lecturing at the Paris branch of the Parsons School of Design in the 1930's. According to an oral history in the Parsons archives, Frank challenged students to design a table so basic that it would retain its integrity whether sheathed in gold leaf, mica, parchment, split straw or painted burlap, or even left robustly unvarnished.

What grew out of Frank's sketches and the students' participation was initially called the T-square table, rigorously plain but with stylistic distinction: whatever its length or width, its square legs were always the same thickness as its top.

Stanley Barrows, a Parsons student who became one of the school's most celebrated professors, recalled that the student creation was brought to 3-D life in New York by a handyman janitor at Parsons. Exhibited at a student show, the table, whose designer remains unknown, quickly became a favorite of tastemakers on both sides of the Atlantic.

In America the first Parsons tables were mass-produced in 1963 by two leading furniture companies, Mount Airy and Directional. And since then the design has been knocked off at every conceivable price in every possible material, including plastic. Ikea makes the tables, as does West Elm, whose 36-inch-square coffee table, above, is veneered fiberboard; $199 at or (888) 922-4119.

And there you have it. 

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