Tuesday, June 29

Did you hear the good news (the angels singing, the people cheering)?

All Domino mourners take heart, brides.com is turning the late Domino into digital archives that will be available to us all on their website! Read the story here! Ahh, at last we can stop hoarding our issues, scanning them for safekeeping, and selfishly wishing we hadn't given that one away. High resolution images to your hearts content. Apartment of Tori Mellot via brides.com Domino archives!

Off to make banana bread with the surplus of bananas we have loitering about the apartment. Packing up and then off to the lake (again!) for the rest of the week!

Thursday, June 24

What do you ebay?

I had my first foray into the world of internet-bidding (I lie, I actually paid the "buy it now" price) when I purchased my Ray-Bans a few weeks ago. No tax, free shipping, crazy good deals, I quickly saw what the rest of the world has already discovered: ebay is fun. One of my favorite searches is "Hollywood Regency," and up pop hundreds hits on tole chandeliers, x - base stools, gilt-wheat table bases, and bamboo galore. Some of my recent hits:
Does anyone out there have an ebay search they would like to share?

Tuesday, June 22

Rustic yet refined kitchen

Functional Kitchen eclectic kitchen
Have you heard about Houzz? It's a website where designers, architects...anyone can post pictures of their designs...also a wonderful place to go for inspiration or ideas!

Check out this beautiful kitchen, bright, stunning windows, not too rustic nor to refined...perfect for perhaps a lakehouse? Love the industrial lighting, open shelves and that island.

image from Houzz

Monday, June 21

I simply remember my favorite things

...and then the CHAOS of the past two weeks doesn't seem so bad? No, not really, but I wish it worked that way!
Countdown till lake weekend with my familia...only have to make it till Thursday afternoon!

Friday, June 18

Hawaii less than 1 month away!

And I am pumped about the t-shirts that my sister-in-law and I designed...
Sorry it is itsy-bitsy.

I am double checking that the colors are actually NEON! Whoop whoop, flashback to the 80's anyone? And it's a v-neck and if you know me, then you know thats pretty much my uniform these days...

Thursday, June 17

Wish I needed...

this vintage faux-bamboo desk and hutch...with some glossy paint and a modern chair it could take on a new life...
on Charlotte Craigslist for only 175$.

Tuesday, June 15

I heart:

A day late and a dollar short

I know its been weeks since Memorial Day weekend but I wanted to post a few pictures! At the lake we do nothing with a little bit of wakeboarding tossed in...Nate is a very goodwakeboarder....
But lest you think he is always full of grace and hardcore guts....
I have one really good wakeboarding trick:
it's called staying up and looking like I have a bouffant :)
Reacher liked the boat ok, he loved sitting on the back and watching whoever was on the water, he also liked falling asleep on the boat when it was docked. 
Nate enjoyed proving that his dog was sporty and could kayak with him.
We need to work on taking more pictures, but I do have one picture of the Sittema's beautiful lake house. 
That's all folks, see, I have already forgotten what we did!

Monday, June 14

Right up my alley...

Look at Eddie Ross' last post on the tablescape he did for A Date With A Plate. I am not usually a fan of orange and pink together but this blew me away!

Friday, June 11

Can anyone guess

Which article in this issue of Lonny had me swooning? Thats right, Elizabeth Bauer's apartment made me weak in the knees.
Equally tasty was the Hampton weekend house of Tom Dolby and Drew Frist...
Especially love that kitchen! Have a wonderful weekend...its going to be reaching 95 degrees with 20000% humidity down here in the South this weekend!

Home Envy

Don't you know that spending a week at this Shelter Island beach home would be fun? This is where I will be vacationing today...thanks, have a great weekend, would love for you to join me. 
Love the use of threadbare rugs, modern art, eclectic lighting.
Guess what? The homeowner and her daughter made that striped art...I've been wanting to make my own art, good inspiration for it!
Cowhide on chairs...mmm
Photographed by Tim Street-Porter
Architect Alfred Easton Poor

Friday, June 4

Gone to Carolina in my mind...lake livin'

We spent Memorial Day Weekend with my husbands family on Lake Keowee...and now I have the bug. I could move to the lake in a skinny minute and never miss the conveniences of Target or Southpark Mall. Boiled peanut stands just speak to me :) My parents have a house on Lake Keowee that we (mom, dad and I) have been dreaming of fixing up for as long as I can remember (the downstairs has this interesting burnt orange carpet that we had to pull up in a few places because of a pipe-bursting induced flood). SO. As long as we are dreaming then lets dream big. (oh, and I am blaming zero posts in the last week on this bug...)
What style would your dream lakehouse be? Neutral colors, layered textures, comfy furniture and antiques like this Lake Keowee house designed by Barbara Westbrook below?
(Barbara Westbrook via House Beautiful)
Or would it be filled with salvaged wood walls and ceilings, neutral linen, sisal, rustic stone and huge windows like the one below?

Or would your lakehouse have a touch of the nautical or All-American nostalgia with nautical stripes, stars, reds, blues and rich natural wood.
(Suzanne Kasler via House Beautiful)
(unknown via HB)
(Tom Scheerer via HB)
(T. Keller Donovan via HB)
I think I would personally be a mix of the first two...but I do love my color. What is your style?

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