Monday, August 30

Come and knock on my door

Sara Hicks Malone
One Kings Lane
Mayme Baker Studio
Miles Redd

Sunday, August 29

Eye Candy

Just a bit of bubblegum to brighten your day!

Saturday, August 28

Quilting 101

Over the past few months I have been embracing my, er, matronly side and am proud to announce that I have finally completed my first quilt. I have serious respect for quilters out there, this stuff requires lots of patience with an extra dash of patience tossed in for good measure! I was just too sentimental to toss my those high school and college t-shirts that I just never wore soo...voila!
I can see the potential calming effects of quilting, but I am pretty sure it can only be calming if you don't have two little helpers that are always fighting to sit in your lap while you are quilting. But it's super cozy-just in time for fall, and I am glad I learned to do it!

Thursday, August 26

The klismos chair

Because I love my furniture and interiors history class (and you) I have decided that each week I will share with you an interesting tidbit/mini history lesson on something I learned in class. On the syllabus this week? The klismos chair.

klismos: Greek from lkinein meaning "to lean" or "to recline"
Reader, meet the 2,500 year old Greek klismos chair. While no original ancient klismos chair exists today, we see evidence of its existence in ancient Greek pottery and carvings.
Characterized by its splayed saber legs, curved back splat and top rail, and woven leather seat, the klismos chair (according to my professor) is the single most influential chair design in history. It has been reproduced throughout history by everyone from Martha Stewart to Baker.

While available in any number of finishes, materials, and shapes, one of the most authentic reproductions is made by Kreiss.
I hope you enjoyed your history lesson! Check back in again next week. 

Wednesday, August 25

A room done right

Have you visited Camila's blog today? Well she just posted on a room Tommy Smythe did and I am in danger of ruining yet another brand new computer...but this time with drool.

I love his beautiful, well-edited vignettes. It was wonderful classic shapes that have been done in a modern way, nothing stuff about this room. It looks lived in and loved.

Tiny Prints=Tiny Joy

I've spent almost a year now pondering a business card, hours spent on Photoshop and I think it's a definite possiblity that I may be too picky to design my own card. BUT. I am loving these by Tiny Prints. Of course I love yellow.... have you figure that out yet? But the khaki seems so chic. What do you think?
I also used Tiny Prints for our Christmas cards last year, and since I cannot locate a digital proof or a USB cable to scan with a picture will have to suffice.
They weren't actually yellow...and next, my favorite part!
I spent hours reading the lyrics to Christmas songs and this one still makes me smile! Eech! Makes me want to start designing this years card!

Does anyone out there know of other well-designed business cards that I should look at? Let me know!

Tuesday, August 24


Eddie Ross...Charlotte Metrolina Antique Show...November 5. I'm already there. Are you? Email to make your reservations and come play with me!

Thursday, August 19

ABC, 123

This week I started my interior design classes and I think I am  in love...who knew I loved/missed school? Never saw that one coming! I am taking AutoCAD to brush up, a graphic presentation class and a History of Furniture and Interior Design. Sitting in my history class on Tueday night with my eccentric, jolly and lovable Sean Connery look-a-like professor I thought, "Do I really get to go to class for this?" Its one of those dream classes, we get to learn about all of the classical furniture and modern classics that I drool over in magazines and blogs. Its a funny thing, to go back to school for something you actually love and want to learn. Soon I will be able to identify each of my currently untouched dining chairs!

As for the rest of life, does anyone else's to-do and want-to-do list seem to grow exponentially as time goes on? Off to buy the rest of my art supplies!

Bathing Bliss

The more time Nate and I spend in our apartment bathroom the more we realize the importance of a beautiful bath. Ours is laid out well, but no natural light, poor overhead lighting and vanity lights...yes, you there, you know about those Marilyn Monroe blaring vanity lights. Here are a few bathrooms I would not mind soaping up in.
via Pink Wallpaper

via Brunch @ Saks
Carrie Hayden Design
*love* the quatrefoil
Shaun Jackson Design
Windsor Smith
True or False. I have a previously unacknowledged need for a free standing tub? What's your dream bathroom personality? Chic and clean, classic with a twist, whimsical, dark and bold? My favorite is probably Windsor Smith's or the one with the green tub and amazing window. And even though, as a rule, I thoroughly dislike taking baths, but I might even be tempted sweat it out if I could have a window with a view like that.

Monday, August 16

Hello, just back from my mental staycation

Hello readers and family...let's be honest....more family than readers. Is anyone out there? I have recently returned from my mental staycation. Life has felt like that intro they used to play right before your movie at the theater...remember? The one where you are on a roller-coaster, and it was always fun to put up your a roller-coaster? No? Nate, swears that never happened either. 

Too much life has happened since I last posted so I will just recap our weekend. Where to begin...well let's start with the worst. Friday afternoon I spilled water. onto my brand new MacBook Pro. yes. oh s***. It worked for a few hours then kerplunk. Friday night was spent wavering between guilt, anxienty, crying, and more guilt. Nate hoofed it over to the Apple store where the gentleman told him the best bet was to buy a new computer. 

Saturday afternoon I had an appointment with the Apple guys to see if they could just rebuild the inside. Well, let me tell you, God is so good in unexpected ways and moments. I told the two guys what had happened, and I must have looked like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown because they raised their eyebrows at each other and nodded. Huh? D'Art (yes that was his real name) looked at me and said, "We're going to take care of you." Huh? Oh, good it can be rebuilt. NOPE. They gave me a free replacement computer...and an upgrade! D'Art, you're the man. Crisis averted, the rest of the weekend looked pretty tame. 

While waiting for the hard drive to be transferred, I took the opportunity of no puppy and a burden lifted to do some shopping! (Nate got a kick out of that) I have officially started my Christmas list, yes, I am so sorry to say the "C" word in August, but no one is going to catch me without a list this year, no more scrambling to make stuff up that I don't really want. I have learned that as you get older your list undergoes some transformations: 1) it must get shorter 2) it must be edited for optimal bang for the buck 3) the overall price of items on said list goes up. Plus, once babies come (theoretical babies only, no real babies are in the foreseeable future) most of that $ that was directed towards your Christmas gifts will go toward baby. 

If you are still reading this then a big THANKS to you all (thanks, mom). 

The first item to officially make my fall/winter want list is....
Classic Trench from Banana Republic

More current news, today was my first day of class! I am taking some classes in Interior Design, part-time Apartment Life, part-time puppy/kitty mom (kitten is officially named Maximillian, did I share that already?). Life is busy and sweet. See you soon.

Tuesday, August 3

Oldie but Goodie

While browsing the Domino archives today I was delighted to re-discover one of my favorite features: the renovation of Christine Lemieux's (founder of DwellStudio) loft. The story was in one of my Domino's that were lent out and never recovered. Enjoy!
300 year old reclaimed oak floors, that chandelier over the table, the built- ins, antique rug in bathroom, and my faucet, plaster coated brick walls...perfect.

Monday, August 2

I want...

...a sink that I can fit a pot in and a faucet thats high enough to fit a pitcher under.

Busy as bees

This weekend we FINALLY made our headboard. We began early Saturday morning with a trip to the Home Depot where we purchased our materials.

1. a piece of plywood cut down to 48" x 65"
2. MDF, cut into two 5" wide/ very long pieces.
3. more MDF
4. a jigsaw
5. extra screws

Up next was Hancock's Fabric where we got our batting and foam (Hancock's can be expensive but it was right next to our Home Depot, but otherwise I would suggest hitting up Wal-Mart and using a crate foam and high-loft batting)

First things first I began drawing the headboard shape (I was copying the shape from the July/August Elle Decor, article about CeCe Colhoun)
It was so much easier with all of our extra helpers! You can see the 5" wide pieces of MDF that would be come the legs of the bed. Next we broke out our new jigsaw (we were so excited) and couldn't find a to Blackhawk Hardware I went with Reacher in tow. Got home, found the blade, said "oh well" and then jigged away. Yes, jigged. I gave it a whirl but Nate was just a natural so he did most of the jigging. Might be our favorite tool so far.
After cutting out the shape in the plywood and MDF, Nate screwed it all together.
Next we cut the foam and attached it with spray adhesive. We left the edges foam free so that it would be easier to add nailheads (as soon as we order them). How about that really advanced saw horse we were using....or kitchen table, really they are interchangeable.

Whew, I am getting tired just thinking about all that work we did. Next step: lay foam side down on batting, pull taut, staple.
At this point it was well past 10 pm and we had been working on this headboard for almost 12 hours... disappointed that our little project would leak into Sunday we went to bed....NEXT DAY: pull taut and staple technique with fabric.
Ta-da! You must wait to see a picture of it in place until the bed gets its pieces of flair.
Helpful hints: have two people, if you have never done something like this then try to pick a simple outline, use high loft quilt batting, have lots of staples, do on hard wood floors. Oh, and that hip and stylish room filled with t-shirt quilting materials, sewing supplies and outdoor gear will soon be our new guest bedroom/ office!
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