Friday, May 21

Let's have a look.

By no means would I call myself a photographer, but I do have a couple of pictures that I took while living in Italy that I would like to enlarge and use in our apartment. Here are some examples of how photography has been used in other homes.
And here are some of my pictures from Italy...

Thursday, May 20

You might be wondering...

...what exactly have I been doing design-wise? Good question. I currently have three projects simmering there in the back of my mind: our bedroom, the dining room chairs, and the "guest" bedroom/ convenient-place-to-dump-junk-room/ office. As it so happens, I have repeatedly cleaned, gutted and sold most of the junk in our extra room....which was amazing by the way...and we were well on our way to a blank slate when, all of a sudden, Nate came home with about 50 cubic feet worth of camping gear from his parents house. So back to square one in there. As for the bedroom, waiting on fabric samples...snail mail. And for those chairs. Never have I been so directionless.
I think I have narrowed it down to something striped or leather. 
Love the finish on this one.
Could do leather with a fun fabric on the backs of two...
My biggest problem is I am taking myself to seriously!! I just need to decide and do it because it can always be redone.
Help! What would you do??

Wednesday, May 19

Artist :: Eric Benjamin Studios

I am obsessed with Eric Benjamin's paintings and guess what, he is from my hometown Greenville, SC....and I just happen to know him. And, so, I am obsessed....wouldn't one of his abstract landscapes  look great above our couch ;)

Tuesday, May 18

Sofa of my dreams...

Nate can attest to this. When I saw this sofa, my heart stopped. Of all of the beautiful colors that I love, I love turquoise the most. In the words of Brian Regan, "it's my favorite, but all the other colors are favorites too." That was a loose translation. :)
Oh, and ever since Camilla at High-Heeled Foot in the Door wrote this post on the elephant tables I think some of her obsession for the animal has rubbed off on me. I have found myself wanting one of those cute little side is another one from Mermaid Hut. All this warm weather has me thinking African safaris...

Monday, May 17

Oh, what a weekend

This weekend we packed up puppy, his hundreds of toys, kennel and food and headed home to Greenville to visit with my parents. It was one of those amazingly relaxing weekend where nothing has to be done. So we ate pizza, visited with my beautiful aunt Cathy and cousin Kelly, went to the nursery (plants :)), ate bbq, went to Mayme's store, ate steaks (do you see a trend?), went to church and then nothing, all day Sunday, nothing. Reacher enjoyed sharing his food with my cat, Butterbaby.
And releasing all of his puppy energy and attention on Woody (who is a saint)...
Sunday afternoon we went out to the farm in the 110% humidity and 90 degree heat to shoot guns. I shot a 12 gauge shotgun, a 22 and some handguns...let me just say, don't try to steal our puppy! I am a straight shot :)
Reacher didn't actually wear those...he didn't flinch once at the sound of the guns, we were so proud.
My brother Travis and Nate looking hard core.

Pappy in charge of the skeet. Check out those wrap-arounds and Panama Jack hat...smokin.
My camera died before we got pictures of mom and dad shooting...but here I am...
Don't be fooled by my stunning good looks, I shot 50% of those skeet. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! One more close up of the pup!

Friday, May 14

Style Profile :: Mayme Baker Studio

This lovely lady right here is the reason I have a passion for design. I spent countless hours over several years surrounded by the whimsy and style of her beautiful Greenville home as I watched her son grow up. The details of her designs are unexpected and genius and how could you not fall in love with colors after growing up around this? You might need a glass of milk...this is some serious eye candy. Enjoy!

All images from Mayme Baker Studio

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