Wednesday, March 30

Working on a project for my fictional Ms. Peller

Today is "catch up on design school while downing cups of coffee and listening to Center Stage in the background and moving your toes in a dance-like rhythm" day. Over the past few days I have come back to this picture again and again.

Oh, Ms. Peller, wouldn't you like to have this in your fictional home?

Tuesday, March 29


 Ara Pacis, Rome
Ruthie Sommers
Ara Pacis, Rome

Monday, March 28

Old Fashioned Summerhouse

Walls painted in BM China White

Source Unknown

Photographed by Joseph De Leo Photography

Source Unknown

Friday, March 25

Musings on maximalism

This past issue of Elle Decor featured the 16th century Umbrian Pallazzo of Antonello Radi. In the article Radi said something that struck home:

"I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. I'm not a minimalist: I love living, and minimalism is for people who don't know how to life. I'm a maximalist."

Speaking of striking, how about that wood door frame painted to look like marble (from Radi's home)?


This crown molding done in faux-tortoiseshell by Mayme Baker Studio?
Oh, yes. I am craving some maximalism in my life these days. To some, I am sure, faux-painting a door frame might seem frivolous, inane (or insane) or maybe it's just not your thing? Totally fine. But to me, perfection is found in the details. And I can't wait to one day have a place to try all of my wacky ideas (better start praying for Nate now, insanity and all...)  For more delightful faux details hop on over to LGN

Wednesday, March 23

Towne & Reese

I always knew my neighbor designed jewelry, and I knew it could be nothing but chic (she is adorable). And the other day while at Traditions here in Charlotte I picked up a cuff and the lightbulb went off. Instant amor. I think you will like it too...

Mary Barton

Click here to find out where you can purchase Towne & Reese and look at the rest of the ah-mazing collection. 

Tuesday, March 22

Farrow and Ball: The Art of Color

I used my french press for the first time ever this morning, yum. The caffeine is making me sweat but also making me write a post for y'all (if any of you are still out there...if you build it, they will come...anyone?). My mom found the striped headboards with light fixtures conveniently built-in in my Farrow & Ball book and I just wanted to share the red stripe love. I want to build those somewhere so badly. Enchanting. But how about those stripes in the bathroom below? Equally wowing I would say and look at the wood casing around the tub. Nothing like a soak with the ancestors.
 And lastly, red lacquered fireplace mantle and what looks like a black slate fireplace surround. It's on fire. Put a star next to it for my dream home. Oh, and the federal mirror. Good stuff.
And this is where it all came from.

Friday, March 18

You can win!

Head on over to A Creative Day and enter for the giveaway for some beautiful pillows from the Etsy shop ruby+stella!

Tuesday, March 15

How time flies (and pigs)...and a DIY

Seriously, where has the time gone. Last week I was on spring break (woohoo) and I spent most of it in Greenville hanging out with my mom and dad and getting ready for a baby shower. We wanted a mossy wreath to go with the green on the invitations, and so we decided to make it ourselves.

We got a twiggy wreath from Michael's for $4, and the "moss" that comes on a runner-type sheet.
I went to work with my glue gun and pieced the cut pieces of moss together, carefully covering any seams or naked spots with extra fluffs of moss.
I would suggest perhaps taking a few more steps and cover your work area with newspaper, my napkin + a glue gun approached was dicey and the moss pieces were everywhere. After one major run-in with my glue gun (takes me back to my Architecture studio days...3rd degree burns, lacerations, electrical explosions...ahh the golden years)...tada! Well, sort of.
We pimped it out with for the baby shower with sterling silver baby pieces that belonged to my mom and my grandfather.
We de-pimped it the day after the party and just left the citron green ribbon on for flair. Has anyone else made a spring inspired wreath lately? I would love to see it!

Sunday, March 6

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We love you! That sweet-tempered baby is my big brother, Reese :)
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