Wednesday, May 25

Big news all around...

First things first. This past Saturday around lunch time Nate's sister had her baby! Ethan Thomas. And let me tell you, he is yummy. And beautiful. With dark hair like his dad's. He will be a heartbreaker. 
I, of course, used my iphone to pimp out my first picture of me and my nephew. Because I do stuff like that. And I love Apple products. And my nephew. 
Ethan was the first newborn baby that Nate has ever held, and he looks so good doing it....I think I can speak for Nate when I say that he fell in love with Ethan instantly. Justine (baby-mama) was a rock-star and is doing well, also :) 

Now, don't go getting any fancy ideas in your head (speaking to family, close friends, baby-hungry readers) we are not even close to making one of those because....

We bought a house.
Not nearly as important as baby Ethan, but still huge for us!
And it feels so good to finallllly be able to say something to y'all. This is why I have been blog-absent for all of May, because I knew I would crack. Maybe a hint here and there. 

The details: It is a 1915 (or 1914...numbers kill me) bungalow. Eech! Either way, over a 100 years old. You can imagine that the inspection was something of a hand-wringer (and the engineer, and the HVAC guy, and the stone masons....and the closing process, do you get the picture?) How bout a pic?
The original closeing date was this coming Friday, but paper-pushing has moved it to sometime (hopefully) within the next two weeks. 

This baby needs some work. We are excited to get our hands dirty, but many of the big, immediate fixes we cannot do ourselves. Yard work, demo, and painting are in our future. 
Reacher finally has a big back yard (or will in a couple weeks)
and a non-code-compliant back deck :)
Well, thats all for now folks. Stay tuned as I take you through the house over the next few weeks!

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