Friday, April 20

I'm pretty sure Caleb found his doppelganger

Round face, blue eyes, jolly laugh...yep, those two McElveen boys are definitely of the same blood!
 Some photos from Easter weekend in Charleston! Rather picturesque...You might be wondering to yourself, "What is she? (Melissa)"...well the verdict is still out but we could use some of that chocolate-y tan skin in our family.
 The whole family
 Seriously Nate? It was such a good matter, you can be cropped out.
 Pudge and his parents...
Tired of reading about stairs? This is whats happening around our house...
 Nate spent about two weeks building a swinging daybed for our front porch. He used a router and mortise and tenon joints... this is the real deal folks, just a few more finishing nails and one more coat of paint! Feel free to come lounge upon it very soon! I have been sewing up a storm, making outdoor pillows and a fitted sheet to cover the twin mattress that sits in the bottom.
 Our front steps and walkway have been done for about a month now...oops? Forgot to tell y'all.  They are just beautiful. Our ah-mazing contractor (who is the reason we now have time to build daybeds and sew) found the perfect brick pavers...not those wimpy pavers that are about 1.5" thick, these babies are about 3" thick. They look old, which we like...see below.
 We have been battling bamboo and ivy in the backyard...sometimes winning...other times not. Those bamboo shoots are stubborn. I think Nate has put in 40+ hours back there.
 As I write, the guys are finishing up putting on our new roof and up next is PAINT!

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