Thursday, December 24

Auld Lang Syne

Our first Christmas tree...
Born in Cashiers, NC, our first Christmas tree fulfilled its Christmas destiny. He sheltered our gifts while adorned with dry, crusty, painted doughballs made by Nate's promising artistic hands, pretty glass balls and a psychedelic number of bright lights.  It did not glow purple as it does in the photo below, but we thought the effect was pretty cool. I have a thing about my Christmas tree. I want it dripping with nostalgia and a little bit of tacky. I enjoy seeing photographs of perfectly coordinated and decorated trees. I love the idea of themed trees or trees with feathers or branches, but I don't think I will ever be able to abandon the tradition of the nostalgic tree. Maybe one day I can have two trees and design one of them to be "pretty." As for next years tree, he better prepare now because I will be "borrowing" some of mom's ornaments for next year.

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