Tuesday, January 12

Brave New World

I have decided to join the ever-burgeoning world of bloggers. Though I spend many hours a week pouring over my favorite blogs, clicking on "older posts" back to the point of conception, I have no clue how to write a one. I want to gather all of my thoughts and ideas and inspirations as I attempt to design our modest apartment from beige to inspirational on a shoestring budget. I look forward to sharing! I spent my Tuesday morning browsing two my favorite local haunts in Charlotte. 1510 Antiques and South End Exchange. Put on your waders before visiting 1510 Antiques, which is charmingly...cluttered. You will need a sharp eye and stamina. But everything is ALWAYS (at least since July) 50% off. So you can score some deals. I found a Ionic column (see mom and dad? that architectural education is eeking out) lamp originally $200 and he gave it to me for $62 and some change. The lampshade was pilfered from another lamp in the house.

And this gold-ish necklace that struck my fancy (definitely not antique, but fun!). Sorry for the quality, it just did not want to be photographed there.

As for South End Exchange, I wanted everything, EVERYTHING, in the store. Beautiful persian rugs at amazing prices...field trip for Nate on Saturday!

And lastly a picture of the beautiful sunflowers left over from our first Apartment Life event we held this past Saturday morning. In the beautiful silver vase from my stocking, thanks Santa.

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