Monday, April 5

Fabric. Fabric. Fabric.

As I was browsing Premier Prints for a master bedroom I am working on I found all of these fabrics for a nursery. I am usually drawn to nurseries that are not necessarily themed, but can grow with a baby. This elephant print was not to cutesy for me though. Love the pink elephant on linen below.
I love looking at Premier Prints because they have tons of selections at very reasonable prices. Most range from $7-$9. Would also love these for a kids room.
My other favorite fabric destination (selfishly I don't want to share...) is The Designers Attic where the talented Shannon Darby sells her designer fabric finds at amazing prices. Her other blog is called Pink Wallpaper and is one of my favorite reads!

I have been out of town for a few days and I can't wait to catch up on the blogs I missed during our little vacation! But it might have to wait until tomorrow: laundry, cleaning, Reacher to take care of today! So happy to have my puppy home! This was him at my parents house this weekend snuggling with my cat, Butterbaby.

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