Tuesday, June 15

A day late and a dollar short

I know its been weeks since Memorial Day weekend but I wanted to post a few pictures! At the lake we do nothing with a little bit of wakeboarding tossed in...Nate is a very goodwakeboarder....
But lest you think he is always full of grace and hardcore guts....
I have one really good wakeboarding trick:
it's called staying up and looking like I have a bouffant :)
Reacher liked the boat ok, he loved sitting on the back and watching whoever was on the water, he also liked falling asleep on the boat when it was docked. 
Nate enjoyed proving that his dog was sporty and could kayak with him.
We need to work on taking more pictures, but I do have one picture of the Sittema's beautiful lake house. 
That's all folks, see, I have already forgotten what we did!

1 comment:

Justine said...

yeah! a personal post! i love these :) and truly, i think you got more pics that weekend than us, so you're good to go. did you happen to take any at the party? i have a great one of the table before there was any food on it... and that's it.

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