Friday, April 1

The update we've all been waiting for :: the lake house basement

And another one bites the dust. I spent yesterday driving to Greenville, visiting the lake, and 3 tile showrooms, drinking sweet tea and playing on my iPhone. Yes, I joined the 21st century. My poor flip phone circa 2001 was the subject of constant ridicule and, as a highly visual, becoming-more-ADD-with-age kinda girl I had to get a new phone. That way when I get the urge or randomly remember something I was supposed to do, I can. I digress, but once again too much soy-latte = rambling, incoherent posts with run on sentences.

And back to the lake. The ceiling is installed and freaking beautiful in person. The color of it was hard to catch because it was so cloudy yesterday (and I was using my iPhone which I haven't quite figured out).
That wall looks like it was the object of a round of  hammer toss.
 The picture above is green and blurry, but I just wanted to show y'all the amazing detail work that Jeff put into every single corner.  In the picture below, there used to be a closet on that back wall.
 The sink is up in the bathroom and barn wood is installed half-way up one wall. I am obsessed with this sink. We will be either painting the wood white or giving the barn-wood a white wash (will cover all walls and ceiling in the bathroom). One reason we were there was to look at flooring samples for the bathroom. I loved the brick tile below but it was too thick. Will have to keep hunting.
Sorry for being ADD, but I wanted to post this before I forgot...or a week passed...or Nate's sister and her beau came into town...or a leaf fluttered outside my window.

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