Friday, July 22

It's Friiiiday (you know what I'm singing in my head, you are too)

My morning went something like this:

3 cups of coffee
1 episode of Andy Griffith Show
1 cat running at breakneck speeds playing with his Q-tip
1 very sick puppy
a couple* hours catching up on blogs
3 muggy-slaps-in-the-face by the outdoor world as I took sick puppy out
1 phone call to "doc" (aka daddy) about sick puppy
1 realization that I am at least partially pathetic as I cancelled all my plans so puppy would not have to be sick in his kennel...but mostly I'm just a dedicated puppy-mom. Surely someone understands.

Still reeling about how cool I must be to have found this ahhhmazing Vervain fabric for our future powder room window:
Hand-painted silk, silver metallic. Enough said. 

I really love this West Elm quilt for the lakehouse:

I also love this:

I think I should do laundry. Talk to y'all lata.

1 comment:

i hope you all have a creative day said...

that rug is INCREDIBLE. and your fabric for the bathroom, amazing. love you.

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