Saturday, November 5

I have design paralysis

The most stressful part of our renovation thus far has been the feeling that someone is standing behind my shoulder whispering in my ear that it is time. That someone is Nate, and he is whispering that it is time for me to make some freakin' long-term design decisions about the house. What? He wants me to buy furniture? Paint? How on earth can someone with the design world at their fingertips pick what they want to live with long term?

Design paralysis.

Here is where we are so far...
This fabric will become the window treatments in our bedroom. It is silky, luxurious, multi-dimensional. Nate's response was "It's sheen-y". Yes. There is a bit of sheen but it will rock. 

And for the walls and trim: BM Iron Mountain.
It will be dark and lovely...sort of like me right, honey? And the ceiling? BM Candle White
Not really as pink as it seems. This could change. We want to do a sparkly chandelier...vintage or antique...but I do love this one, too:
Our hope is that the room will be a balance of masculine and feminine...we will see, we will see. 
On the lookout for:
Maple, mahogany highboy...preferably antique. I want that warm old glow to it. 
Two vintage benches/stools to be reupholstered to go under the windows so we can toss our clothes on them. 
New lamps
Bedside tables

OK. On the lookout for a lot apparently. 

Other than those decisions I have paralysis. 

I have to choose whether or not I want fixtures or can lights in our hallway...I want fixtures. 

In other (Nate's) awesome cousin just moved here from Dallas and we are so excited to have her! This is a picture from her welcome to Charlotte breakfast this morning (she is not in the photo, but look at that cute kid candy!)

Is anyone else out there counting down until Breaking Dawn comes out? You know me and my tween books and movies. This morning we (no, not Nate)  made plans for a very adult, sophisticated evening watching it at the MEZ. I already looked to see if I could buy tickets yet...I can't. But its in my iCal.

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(Eileen) a creative day said...

luv the fabric. and the paint. and you.

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