Tuesday, November 1

Our very own money pit

Note: I have tried (to no avail) to fix the formatting of this post. I give up.

In spite of
all the problems...
in spite of the prospect of indentured
servitude for the rest of my life...
in debt beyond my wildest dreams...
I love the house.
Couldn't say it better. Anyone out there that has ever renovated should watch The Money Pit. To some, it would be a slapstick exaggeration of your experience but the principles remain true. To us, it was ALL true. The absurdity ofthe bathtub falling through the floor and the Tom Hank's hysterical laughing? Been there. In the end it was worth it though. Right?
Nate literally spent the weekend wielding his ax on the holly bush root systems encroaching on our house...remeber these?
They housed fleets of Tracker Jacker mosquitos. Killer mosquitos.
This was the first root system, I encouraged him to smile instead of grimace when he held it up to make everyone think the root was light...or he was strong. I think he took out 8 in all. One tired boy. Between the roots and Clemson losing (everyone. EVERYONE we saw on Sunday brought it up...first time I have heard Nate say he does not want to discuss football) Nate had a long weekend.
I spent the weekend doing an equally glamorous and fulfilling job: vacuuming the previous owners pet hair out of our floor duct thingys. G.R.O.S.S. We couldn't turn the heat on (well, wouldn't) until the hair was gone-zo. And since our house is about 56 degrees when we wake up, we thought it was time...
Meanwhile we wait, apparently that is the name of the game. Wait for bids, for applications, for historic review committees, for the weekend when we can squeeze work in, for Christmas (that may just be me, I am always waiting for Christmas), and mostly just for progress.
When there is progress you will get more pictures. You just wait.

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Justine said...

Bummer on the formatting - I can't even see chunks of sentences. But I'm sure the un-holly-ed house looks great! Can't wait to see it on Saturday :)

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