Sunday, December 18

"D" is for drywall

As I write this we sit in Greenville waiting for baby Caleb to arrive! In fact, my parents just hightailed it over to the hospital. Busy is the word of the week with finishing up work, Caleb, the casa and traveling for Christmas. If I were president, I would make today through the new year a national holiday. No workin' just eatin'.

On Saturday the drywall was (almost) finished upstairs and this week there will be more of the same.

Post-church, Nate and I laid a concrete bed for our new hearth. We said that it is good we decided to head to Greenville because it just forced us to do it. No more thinking about it. (Apparently, Nate spent Saturday counting, re-counting, pressure washing and re-counting the bricks we will be using to make sure we had enough... such a planner). We actually found all of the bricks laying around our property in random places.

Before laying some Quikcrete (we just discussed how that word should be spelled), Nate spent a day re-enforcing the hearth from below with some concrete blocks.

In other news. I can't stop looking at this office done by Kelly Wearstler...well mostly just that painting.
I'll introduce my newest nephew once he arrives!

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