Tuesday, December 13

Sleigh bells and big bellies and insulation...

We went to the lumber yard very early this morning (they are doing a custom handrail for our new fancy- schmancy stairs (photos below!!)) and on the way home Nate told me, "I like it when you're on coffee." ON it. Like a drug. I, also, like it when I am on coffee.

Coffee literally makes the sun brighter. My thoughts...
I am now officially obsessed with Vampire Diaries. That's what I do instead of blogging these days...Nate told me that I had to stop watching it because I woke up screaming one time. You would have screamed too if Nate had been trying to touch you with his bloody leg stump that was taken off in a scary supernatural manner. Yes, you would have screamed. I am always a sleep talker/walker. Nate overreacts and tells me I am annoying, Reacher just groans and pushes me further away with his legs.

Christmas is 12 days away. I am officially done with my Christmas shopping, boooyah.

My newest nephew seems to be on the way. I think his official due date is now Christmas Eve. Poor buddy.  I tried to find a picture where you can see Lindsay's cute baby bump, but it is almost impossible to perceive in photos....but I know Linds doesn't feel that way in person! Mom, Dad, Reese and Linds in Oklahoma last week at Reese's graduation from Orthodontics residency/school. Yay!
Back at the ranch things are a-happenin'.
By the end of the week there will be insulation and drywall upstairs, along with a myriad of other things! We will be able to use heat...translation: y'all feel free to come visit next week! They also took down the half wall around the staircase and we will be getting grown up railings and such.
Some photo story-telling...

Keep you posted.

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