Thursday, January 14

Front Entry

When we moved into our wonderful apartment the entryway had potential to be a great landing strip, but obviously lacked a purpose. Here is the before picture:

Not much to be said. BUT! After convincing my sweet husband to help me paint horizontal stripes, some coat hangers, and some accessories we had a functional entryway!

Here are the deets:
coat hooks by The Hook Lady
rug on loan from the momma
umbrella stand and small table from The Sleepy Poet
lamp base from Marshalls
faux-leather black lampshade from Potterybarn Outlet
mirror, a wedding gift from Potterybarn

Eventually I want to paint the 40$ table another color...what do you think? Something to warm up the space. At first I wanted to do it a coral color, now it is just another project on hold.

For all those who are thinking about horizontal can do it! It just takes patience, time and a good tutorial, which I did not have. All in it took both me and Nate about 5 to 6 hours to measure, tape and paint the stripes. Make sure you have a level, a long straight edge, plenty of tape, and a ruler. A T-square can be very helpful, but you have to make sure your walls are all straight. Ours were not, which we learned very quickly!


Melissa said...

aw it looks great riley!

LindaSonia said...

Fabulous entry!!! Love it. Curious about the door - is that two deadbolts on the door?? LindaSonia

Riley said...

There are two deadbolts! Only one can be opened from outside, they are very serious about safety here!
Thanks so much for reading!

LindsB said...

Just saw this over on Design Sponge and I LOVE it!! What a great entry to walk into everyday, love love love this!

Anonymous said...

Um...this is Nate's cousin Rachel in Chicago. I am an avid Design Sponge reader and just saw your makeover featured there. For some reason, when I read the name "Riley," I had to wonder if it was you so I clicked over here. Small world, huh?!

Anyway, LOVE the entryway makeover! Great work.

Alexandra said...

how sad is it (YET TOTALLY EXCITING) that i had to find your blog via DESIGNSPONGE??!?

this is allieboballie, having screamed out loud in the house when i saw your entry on d*sponge. I'm so proud to say i know you!! love love chica-

Anonymous said...

Great job! I love the paint colors; would you mind sharing them?!

My Name is Cox said...

this turned out awesome! what colors did you use for the wall?

Single PAP said...

wow, very nice!

Roxi Ameduri Marchettini said...

hola Riley!!
Encantador el cambio en tu entrada.

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