Friday, January 29


Though I am currently jobless (and hunting), there is something so exciting about Fridays. The anticipation of the weekend and the people you will see and things you will get done OR all of the LOST episodes that will be watched! My weekend to-do list is very long, and it gets longer every day. Some days Nate just sits back in half-exasperation and half-wonder at my list. And my problem is that I love to get my hands dirty and get involved in every part of it. 

Currently, I am sewing pinch pleat draperies for our living room from some pretty blue duponi silk. Now the list (in no particular order):

bedside tables (find and redo)
make headboard
find fabric for headboard
sew pillows for living room
one day...get a new coffee table and couch
buy chairs for dining room
redo chairs for dining room
make skirts for chairs in dining room
print and frame prints for living room
print and frame prints for dining room
curtains for bedroom
bedskirt for bedroom
redo bathroom

That is part of my to-do list. Problem being I have to find the perfect piece at the perfect price before I start one of  the above. Can you imagine when we buy a house and I am allowed to actually redo that? It makes me giddy! ... and Nate sweat!

Right now however I am going to post about one of our first married couple furniture redo. The bookshelf.

Mom and I bought the bookshelf eons ago for my bedroom at an unfinished furniture store. It was painted white. I decided that I wanted to paint it and use it in our dining room to store our dishes and glasses, since there was no way they would fit in our kitchen cabinets. First go round I chose an unfortunate grey-blue. I told Nate that despite the hours we just put into painting the bookcase, it had to change. I then promised to do the new color allllll by myself :)

This time I chose a glossy black from Sherwin-Williams. Apart from my desk (i will post later) which was metal, this was my first time painting furniture. Knowing what I do now I would paint it black then apply a poly coat. SO. I repainted it. And hung up Scalamandre "Chinoise Exotique" wallpaper from my mom's redone hall bath. 

The wallpaper was just too narrow to cover the whole thing, so I left the selvage on both sides. No way I was going to cut up more of mom's paper! To cover up the beautiful lettering I am going to apply grosgrain ribbon around the edges to make it look "finished." Maybe one of these two?

You can't really see the whole piece, it is in one of those dark, unlit corners of our apartment. But you get the idea. My dishes are randomly stacked on it right now! Lastly, I bought two knobs from the mecca of knobs...Anthropologie.
I went with the clear, because it was not a statement, yet still pretty. Would never clash with whatever else I do in here.
Have a great weekend and tackle one of your decor projects...hopefully I can tackle one of mine!

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sarah, flourish design + style said...

That looks fantastic! LOVE the wallpaper!

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