Monday, May 17

Oh, what a weekend

This weekend we packed up puppy, his hundreds of toys, kennel and food and headed home to Greenville to visit with my parents. It was one of those amazingly relaxing weekend where nothing has to be done. So we ate pizza, visited with my beautiful aunt Cathy and cousin Kelly, went to the nursery (plants :)), ate bbq, went to Mayme's store, ate steaks (do you see a trend?), went to church and then nothing, all day Sunday, nothing. Reacher enjoyed sharing his food with my cat, Butterbaby.
And releasing all of his puppy energy and attention on Woody (who is a saint)...
Sunday afternoon we went out to the farm in the 110% humidity and 90 degree heat to shoot guns. I shot a 12 gauge shotgun, a 22 and some handguns...let me just say, don't try to steal our puppy! I am a straight shot :)
Reacher didn't actually wear those...he didn't flinch once at the sound of the guns, we were so proud.
My brother Travis and Nate looking hard core.

Pappy in charge of the skeet. Check out those wrap-arounds and Panama Jack hat...smokin.
My camera died before we got pictures of mom and dad shooting...but here I am...
Don't be fooled by my stunning good looks, I shot 50% of those skeet. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! One more close up of the pup!

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