Thursday, May 20

You might be wondering...

...what exactly have I been doing design-wise? Good question. I currently have three projects simmering there in the back of my mind: our bedroom, the dining room chairs, and the "guest" bedroom/ convenient-place-to-dump-junk-room/ office. As it so happens, I have repeatedly cleaned, gutted and sold most of the junk in our extra room....which was amazing by the way...and we were well on our way to a blank slate when, all of a sudden, Nate came home with about 50 cubic feet worth of camping gear from his parents house. So back to square one in there. As for the bedroom, waiting on fabric samples...snail mail. And for those chairs. Never have I been so directionless.
I think I have narrowed it down to something striped or leather. 
Love the finish on this one.
Could do leather with a fun fabric on the backs of two...
My biggest problem is I am taking myself to seriously!! I just need to decide and do it because it can always be redone.
Help! What would you do??

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