Thursday, May 13

Cheap(er) Chic:: Rita Konig Entryway

I fell in love with Rita Konig's entryway the first time I saw it. Dark, colorful, lighthearted and just plain pretty. This former domino contributing editor was not afraid of black and the result is scrumptious. So I thought today I would cook up a similar look for less for the rest of us!
We will start with the wallpaper:
From American Blinds: The Spring Valley Collection. Close, but missing the birds...
ahhh, much better: Budgie for $32 a roll.

Next are those delicious floor tiles in either 2"x4" or 3"x6": Mission Tile West

Since I couldn't find the price for the above tiles I pulled one more option from Overstock, $68.99 for 10 square feet. I actually prefer the color of the ones below.

The pendant: Now, I know it's missing the black shell but for $199 we could just paint it a matte black...don't you think?

The lamp: Found here for $159.
The table: from Wisteria. This could probably be found on Craigslist then limewashed?
The botanical print: FREE from Vintage Printables.

The vase: Any of these from Etsy for $16.
Hats: Decades Vintage Co.

And there you have it.

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