Tuesday, December 14

Craigslist, you do it to me every time...

image 2101289524-0image 2101289524-1
image 2105698222-1

I am racking my brain here trying to figure out how to fit these two beauties into our crammed tight apartment. Nate would just fall over if these were here when he got home :) Will someone out there love them. Was even going to try to convince a client to use the buffet/chest thing as a baby changing table...now talk about using grown-up pieces in a baby room, I would do it if I had a bun in my oven. Paint it glossy red, or black, or blue? YUM.

It would feel like this piece in a room designed by Jeffery Bilhuber.

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Alexandra said...

Ok riley- ill let josh look at it and see if he says yes. that price isnt bad... you think the metal accents are brass? baby barham could TOTES use that in her room ;)

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