Thursday, December 2

M.I.A.: The Mysterious Case of the Design Student

Greetings. It is almost 6:00 pm on Thursday and I just now read my first blog of the week. 4 days until final exams/ final projects. Can you guess what I am doing this weekend? I just accepted the fact that my final project would not be turned in tomorrow (which would have been early) and I am now sitting down with a glass of wine to see what I missed while I was painting/drawing away. I missed alot, in case you were wondering. There is a brand spanking new issue of House Beautiful and Elle Decor sitting one foot away that I still have not had time to read. Nate pointed out (btw, he has read BOTH of them already, I love making him a decor-phile) that the amazing "cabin" I posted last week was in this issue of Elle Decor. Designed by Mary Lynn Turner and her daughters, Marie and Emily, located in Idaho. Don't you think it is time for a picture?
(random picture from who-knows-where, loving the dark cabinets)
I must admit that any free hours during my week were spent Christmas shopping for our families. I LOVE Christmas. To the point that it would probably drive the average person crazy. I only have 3 gifts left to buy, am currently anxious about not having our Christmas tree up yet, am excitedly anticipating gift-wrapping and Christmas baking. We have been devouring episodes of LOST Season 6....dum, dum, dum, every night as we guiltily avoid responsibility and, as of 10 minutes ago, went from  a free weekend to hang out in Charlotte to four eating engagements: Friday night, Saturday morning and evening and Sunday after church. If I didn't know better I would think we had tons of friends here in Charlotte. Sorry for rambling. See you later.

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Justine said...

I would like to hope that once your classwork is finished, you could pass on something of Christmas list so the rest of us can get OUR Christmas shopping done :)

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