Tuesday, December 14

My apologies and (my dream) stone floors

Greetings to one and all. My feelings about my hiatus are twofold: on one hand I really missed seeing what everyone was up to, but on the other hand, I have really enjoyed my time away to work on gifting, sewing, LOST watching etc. I just wanted to stop in and let you know whats going on over at the lake house. We were blessed to snag the craftsman who worked on my parents kitchen renovation to help us out up there, and will be heading into the new year with hammers in full swing. And, while I won't promise to be here every day until the new year, I will stop in and say hey.

With the holidays in full swing it becomes difficult to make progress on some of those projects, but we will plug away nonetheless. My dad found this system to replace the tub in the lake house basement:
It can be installed quickly (and not much skill required) and then tiled over. Next thing to check off on the list is the direction we will go with the flooring. This will determine the "feel" of the room. There are two basic directions. 

Using flagstone as the flooring/shower walls also. I found a neat-o company that does authentic stone veneer. They have hundreds of them and they are cut down to less than 2" thick.
Other examples of flagstone used on the interior.

Last picture of natural stone floors, promise, this one is my favorite, by GP Schaefer architects....(have I introduced you two yet? Well, I will soon!)

While re-visting this post I realized that I was pretty sold on stone floors for the bathroom. The other option was clean, white and beautiful, but stone just feels right for a lakehouse, no? So, my dear parents, you now know my vote!

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