Tuesday, March 15

How time flies (and pigs)...and a DIY

Seriously, where has the time gone. Last week I was on spring break (woohoo) and I spent most of it in Greenville hanging out with my mom and dad and getting ready for a baby shower. We wanted a mossy wreath to go with the green on the invitations, and so we decided to make it ourselves.

We got a twiggy wreath from Michael's for $4, and the "moss" that comes on a runner-type sheet.
I went to work with my glue gun and pieced the cut pieces of moss together, carefully covering any seams or naked spots with extra fluffs of moss.
I would suggest perhaps taking a few more steps and cover your work area with newspaper, my napkin + a glue gun approached was dicey and the moss pieces were everywhere. After one major run-in with my glue gun (takes me back to my Architecture studio days...3rd degree burns, lacerations, electrical explosions...ahh the golden years)...tada! Well, sort of.
We pimped it out with for the baby shower with sterling silver baby pieces that belonged to my mom and my grandfather.
We de-pimped it the day after the party and just left the citron green ribbon on for flair. Has anyone else made a spring inspired wreath lately? I would love to see it!

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Alexandra said...

if i could have taken it home with me, i would have!! feel free to "baby girl-ize" it up and hang it on my door after Olivia is born ;) way better than a typical cheap cheesy pink bow on the mailbox!

it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!! thanks again-

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