Friday, March 25

Musings on maximalism

This past issue of Elle Decor featured the 16th century Umbrian Pallazzo of Antonello Radi. In the article Radi said something that struck home:

"I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. I'm not a minimalist: I love living, and minimalism is for people who don't know how to life. I'm a maximalist."

Speaking of striking, how about that wood door frame painted to look like marble (from Radi's home)?


This crown molding done in faux-tortoiseshell by Mayme Baker Studio?
Oh, yes. I am craving some maximalism in my life these days. To some, I am sure, faux-painting a door frame might seem frivolous, inane (or insane) or maybe it's just not your thing? Totally fine. But to me, perfection is found in the details. And I can't wait to one day have a place to try all of my wacky ideas (better start praying for Nate now, insanity and all...)  For more delightful faux details hop on over to LGN

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