Thursday, June 16

Good morning, how was that coffee?

I woke up this morning when Reacher decided it was time to get back in bed with me. I'm taking a wild guess when I say that Nate must have fed him before he left for work because this is what Reacher led me to when I got out of bed. And, yes, he pitifully laid down beside it like this. Now here is the head flip flops are carefully positioned on top of the pile (along with a napkin) in what I can only guess is an attempt to hide it? I gotta believe that Nate did not deliberately put my flips on top of it when he left in hopes that I would not see it. So that leaves Reacher. My sweet puppy who stacks my flip flops and napkins on top of his problems in hopes that his human mommy will not notice.
 Too bad he couldn't find anything to cover the other three spots...
Gotta love them. Have a happy Thursday. 

1 comment:

Heather said...

awww... poor puppy! ours has had an upset stomach this week too. I have a sweet carpet shampooer if you need to borrow one :)

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