Friday, June 10

Lake/Life Update: 6/10

Memorial day weekend Reacher and I went to the lake with my family to start moving some furniture up to the lake from my parents house. The end is in sight, just a few more light fixtures and a bit more paint and we are done! Here is a picture of the bathroom...I am pretty much obsessed with that sink.
The carpet was installed:
The rest of the pictures were blurry, but I'll take some as the furniture comes together! We have gotten so busy,  quite an adjustment to go from school to working 4 days a week. I logged a solid 12 hours last night and have just been lounging around today since my wallet is in Nate's car. Perfect excuse to stay home! 

We are still playing the waiting game with the house. We watched our original close date fly by Memorial Day weekend and are anxiously awaiting the announcement of our next close date. Meanwhile we have been driving around our new neighborhood taking pics of exterior paint colors that we like.

 This next house was so beautiful that I had to put up both pictures. We both loved the landscaping.

On other fronts:  I love this industrial exposed shower from Kohler. I love its raw-ness.
Also obsessed with these wall hooks by Paul Mclelland:
Especially the orange...
What about this one for the bunk room at the lakehouse?
That's all folks. Since I am "stuck" at home I think I'll take advantage of it and clean, pack for a quick trip to the lake this weekend, perhaps lay out? Working sure makes you enjoy those days off. Oh, and catch up on blogs. Lack of wallet to purchase more half-and-half for my coffee has left me high and dry with only one measly cup of coffee this morning. Will provide wittier musings on life on a morning with three cups of coffee. 

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