Monday, August 8

All in a good night's sleep

I'm loving these beds from Garnet Hill.
Especially this next one...
I hope everyone had a great weekend...ours to say it...tumultuous. My little brother came and stayed with us which was awesome, found out my big bro is having a ____! (I just remembered my dad might read this...and he somehow believes that he won't find out what the sex of the baby is until it is born) Those were the awesome things. On the not-so-awesome side. I was in a wreck on Friday night AND (dum-da-dum) I spilled soy milk on the computer (also on Friday night). Man, was I a wreck.

Computer is still ticking away.

I got in a wreck for a couple of reasons, one being that we had just walked through the house and it always skeeves me out when the current owners are in the house when we are. And some dude was blowing wet pine needles into the road during a storm. DUMB. Proof: wet road covered in pine needles and one very clear sidewalk. Needless to say the chump high-tailed it out of there upon seeing our wreck.
Had to get that off my chest. Off to work.


i hope you all have a creative day said...

poor roo. i love you!

Justine said...

oh! wish i had read this before i saw you tonight so i knew what to ask about. sorry :( glad you're okay after the wreck. how's the car?

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