Thursday, August 11

Bumps in the Road (and Bellies) and House Pics

It's a BOY! For my brother and sister-in-law, that is. Nate turned to me last night and said, "So, what are they having?" I don't know whether to be flattered that my husband keeps up with my blog or laugh because life flies by and I forgot to tell him what the sex of Reese and Linds' baby. Here is Linds at her halfway point!
Her halfway baked baby bump is my everyday :) Can't wait to meet him.

It seems that every time I mention a baby on this blog I have some sort of house update. Final update of updates... it is all so official now that we sort of feel nauseous. Closing September 16. Documents signed. Not backing out now. We have been anticipating this since last OCTOBER...the very first time we walked through the house, and now that it's happening we are simultaneously anxious and giddy. 

Very giddy. 

So you might have seen the exterior of our new home, and that psychedelic/country kitchen, how 'bout a tour of our dining room?
 I apologize now for the pathetic offering of pictures. But it's what I have. When we move in I will make an official "Before" page of pictures. Until then, 'dis what you get. The swinging door in this picture leads to our butler's pantry.
 The dining room is HUGE (to us) and has these beautiful sliding oak doors that are about 3 inches thick, 8 feet tall and stripped to the bare wood. THEY are the reason I wanted this house. No, it is true. Ask Nate. You can see them in the above picture. There is a coal burning fireplace, Victorian light fixture and mantle...mmm...not exactly our style. But the great big windows, original molding,  tall ceilings, large rooms, and fireplaces are. 
I'm staring into the eyes of  a buffalo chicken pizza at Mellow Mushroom and a weekend full of packing. Wish us luck. 

Can't wait to have you all over to see our new home!!!

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