Monday, August 1

Our life is a circus

lalallalalala. That is about the extent of thoughts that I can string together at this moment. This blog has become less of a center for design inspiration (at least for y'all) and more ramblings of my life. I'm going to keep at it (if thats okay with y'all) since it helps me organize my thoughts and ideas. Take me off the blog-roll if you want purely design.

Since starting work I have had very little time to focus on the lake. But weekend guests for Labor Day are putting (good) pressure on and I have gotten many things done(ish). How bout this saweet lamp I got for the lake:
 I think he is perfectly lake-y.
I also got the rug I wrote about:
AND ordered several fixtures to try out in the main room of the basement.  P.R.O.D.U.C.T.I.V.I.T.Y.
Sort of. 
I also got a decidedly UN-summery pedicure just to spite summer in the face. I can't think, its too hot feet are veiny...

Speaking of painful, suffocating humidity, we get to move in it. Twice. Ohhhh, yes. More on that later when I know more, but the end of the house saga is in sight. Our short sale process has been reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, Saw (I-XXVI), Tears of the Sun...and The Wiggles on repeat. In light of the horror of it all (and the fact that we will be homeless for 2 weeks in September) we will spend one of those 2 weeks just hiding at the lake. Awesomeness. The other week my awesome sister-in-law will probably be our hostess. She has offered out of kindness, but doesn't realize that we might actually take her up on it :)

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Justine said...

I hope you do! I don't think we'll hate each other after a week in the same house, right? Especially if you handle the late-night feedings.
J/K :) E really doesn't wake up much at night, so don't let that scare you away.

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