Thursday, September 29

Entering the Final Frontier:: Upstairs Tour

I'm back to give you the rest of the house tour. Let me start with a disclaimer: the upstairs of our house makes the arena from The Hunger Games look like a cake-walk. Yes, I read tweener books...Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Twilight. I love them, I eat them with a spoon. I may be pathetic.

Sidetracked. Let's get started. 

The folding doors hide a washer/dryer hookup. We plan on stealing some of the space from this closet to create a closet in the adjoining room and turning this into a linen closet. 
Tearing out the half-wall to install a bannister is also in the works. (Keeping the load-bearing portion, duh.)

Get out your hazmat suit. This room was toxic. (WAS: past-tense...we have already gutted it!!)

The conditions in here rival anything I have ever witnessed. The whole room was just crumbling apart...and how about that dormer that they covered up?

Room #1
The floor in this room slopes down several inches towards the back because of a load bearing wall removed in the 1940's. In spite of the slope, the house is as solid as a rock. Maximillian loves sitting up in high in the canopy of trees.

Room #2
No words can describe the carpet in here. It has been torn out and is inhabiting the dumpster in our driveway. Smells to high heaven after 5 days of rain.

Room #3

The Little Elf Room

We have begun with process of progress on the house. We have been selectively demo-ing certain plaster walls that are beyond repair (as I fight Mr. Practical tooth and nail to preserve the plaster in good condition, anyone with me?), the entire bathroom is down to the studs and all of the carpet is up. Meanwhile, I have been escaping the dust and plaster by ripping out the overgrown, prickly landscaping. We have until Monday to finish the demolition because the HVAC guys are coming to re-duct the entire was a no brainer after they showed me what the inside of our ducts looked like!

I realize that I forgot to show you the rest of the downstairs. Maybe tomorrow?

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