Friday, September 30

Mexico is not just for cowboys

I cooked my first meal in our new home and it was deeeelish if I do say so myself. I also made Nate tell me that...several times, I have no shame. Pioneer Woman's Chicken Tortilla Soup. I think it will replace Thanksgiving Eve mexican pot roast (which replaced Thanksgiving Eve chili and hot dogs). We love traditions, even those we change about every two years.

Try it. Love it.

This is Pioneer Woman's photo. I don't have such photography skills as focused soup and fuzzy background.

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Justine said...

This is my favorite part of her recipe:

Go do The Shred or Winsor Pilates or Callanetics or Jane Fonda or P2X90RBC3P0, or whatever the hot new workout is.
And go ahead and do it for me, too, will you?
Thank you for your cooperation.

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