Tuesday, October 25

House Update, Weekends, Engagements and Babies

To catch you up. Last weekend we took out the ceiling in the hallway (both of them) and it went from looking like this...
To this...which you can hardly see because, well, Nate was taking them for his health. But almost the entire ceiling was taken out of the hallway...and the plaster one above it that was dying. 
See below? See that rotten hole in a wood floor? (taken from the hallway, looking up towards the upstairs bath) Those were the hardwoods in the bath, covered by subfloor, and tile. And that is cardboard covering the hole from above, because it is still a war zone up there. 
Speaking of up there. 

Next topic. 
This past weekend we went to the lake with some amazing friends and hiked up waterfalls, sat by bonfires, and caught up. It was heavenly up there. And if Ashley ever posts the pictures she took of the weekend (or Walt) then I will put them up. 

Nate's little sister, Janelle, got engaged this weekend to one stud of a man and we are so thrilled for them. I can't find any pictures of the gorgeous ring that Louis picked out but when I do I can put that up too. 

What I do have a picture of is the newest addition to the McElveen clan. We can't wait to meet him! Due on Christmas day!

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