Monday, October 3

It's 3 PM Monday

and the nights of manual labor combined with a cold have me cooped up in bed. As much as I wish this could be a proper sick day (hot tea, movies, cuddled up in blankets) it isn't. There are as many as 5 men under our house banging away to re-duct the whole house...all notions of napping are not going to happen. Max is freaked out and Reacher is just pissed. I probably should have let him go to daycare even though I was coming home.

This is what Nate and I have been up to:
 To my never-ending delight (probably to the delight of every architecture major out there) behind that plaster, lath and spray insulation was...cardboard. My house was built with cardboard.
Five words: Der-ek Zoo-lan-der. 
Don't worry. Unlike the last time we did demolition, we are not only wearing work-appropriate footwear, but masks, gloves, and protective eye-wear.

Right before I came home I stopped by the Charlotte March of Dimes Show House (Luxe and Aida are doing the master suite! (I don't think I have ever told y'all where I work...I work with Aida Interiors and Luxe Home Couture, there ya go)) and it's looking fabulous, if you are in the area October 7-9 and 14-16 then come by!

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Justine said...

How are you going to get all that s*** off your floors?@! And where is it going? Y'all have made lots of progress - must feel good :)

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