Wednesday, July 14

Facing the dirty truth

It is time for me to fess up, blogland. For a while now, I have put my best foot forward, but you should all know the truth. I am grungy. Yes, grungy with a capital G. I am going to go ahead and just blame it on growing up with two brothers? Yes, that sounds good. The truth is, I have less that sparkly shower cleaning skills. I can clean toilets all day long, its quick and you see an instant result, but that soap scum in the shower? Thats a different story. After over a year of living in our apartment I tackled the dreadful scum in our shower. With no scum-blasting chemicals on hand (since I honestly, would have left it for another year...except our bathroom was really starting to have a funk) I googled soap scum removal techniques and learned that you can use a moistened fabric softener sheet to remove it! Ah-hah! I have those!
Armed with my target fabric softener sheets I attacked. Note: if you are going to judge me then you can just stop reading right now, this is a no soap-scum-snobbery zone....
See that white streak? Thats me cleaning soap scum! Now, you do go through quite a stack of sheets, but hey, its a great bicep workout.
Do you have any home remedy cleaning solutions that you use instead of chemicals?

UPDATE: Nate insisted that I should assure you that our tub is now sparkling white. I have no picture... nor do I feel like taking one, just take my word for it. ;)


Justine said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That's awesome! I can't believe my brother let you get away with that :)

Libby said...

Ooooh, I'm so glad to know about this trick! I have been putting off cleaning my shower for a few weeks now b/c the soap scum is out of control and I can't get it off what's the point? Can't wait to try this trick tonight. Thanks! :)

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