Friday, July 30

It's 2:00 Friday, nary a thing done At once busy and slow. We are readjusting to normal life here in Charlotte, suffering from the occasional relapse of jet-lag, convincing Reacher that, no, just because we got a kitten does not mean we are sending you away to summer camp at grandmas house forever, yes, you are still our favorite puppy....oh, yea, we got a kitten. A little brother for the red-headed child that is currently rummaging through our bathroom trashcan and about to get in trouble.
This little one only weights 1 pound 2 oz, is still nameless...thinking Biscuit, up for anything, Biscuit seems a little too normal for our family. Our other cats were named Yum-Yum and Butterbaby...see? Biscuit is normal. For reals, getting some work done now. It's actually 3:00 now, missed that 2:00 thing, huh.

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