Tuesday, July 6

Its been a whirlwind

Disclaimer: This is a long and rambling post, you might only want to read if you would like to meet my family and hear every single detail of the weekend! 

Nate, Reacher and I have spent the last two-ish weeks with family up at Lake Keowee. I will start with two weekends ago when the festivities began.
Meet my brothers: Panama Jack and Travis. Panama Jack (aka Reese) and his wife flew in from Oklahoma and brought us all together for the first time since their wedding on New Years. 
Ahh, there's Lindsay, the blushing bride. Linds took all our pictures, without her we would have no history.
When we arrived at the lake on Thursday the weekend was already in full-swing. Nap anyone?
We went for "midnight cruises" at sunset.
Watched movies and cuddled. I must be soft... Reacher and LaFonda are loving it. 
Woke up to tranquil and smooth waters and this view.
We spent our days on the water, reading or going to Chick-fil-a (no one is addicted, don't worry)
We celebrated Travis' 22nd birthday at Senecas only fine dining establishment: Paesano's (food is delicious, decor...not so much)
Travis got trick candles on this Hot Wheels cake. 
Lounging in all its perfection. Even Reacher has it down, or upside down, maybe.
Lastly some family group shots, they are few and far between! Love you fam!
 This does not even cover 4th of July weekend which we spent hopping between my husbands lakehouse and mine...however, I don't think I have any pictures of it...but it closely mirrored the one above!

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