Tuesday, July 13

What a day without puppy can do!

I dropped Reacher of with his grandparents today, he was ecstatic about swimming and playing annoying their dog Woody. While in Gaffney I, of course, had to check out what was at the Pottery Barn outlet. Our guest bedroom/ office has been brewing around in my mind, here is a hint of what is to come!
On the way home I stopped at Mary-Jo's fabric store in Gastonia....a mecca for fabric, sewing supplies and trim...
and this is what came home with me...
Just wait and see...and sorry, the wait will be a long time, since we leave for Hawaii in 2 days!
Lastly, I stopped by Classic Attic Consignments, one of my favorite stores in Charlotte. This paper cutout done by the Chinese at the 1982 Toronto Science Exhibition. The intricacy is amazing and I love the colors and, of course, the bamboo frame. 
This engraving of the Arch of Titus in Rome is also now ours. It was one of my favorite places in Rome and I loved the large scale of it, its about 2'x3'.
There it is, Nate will probably never let me send the dog away again for fear of what I will come home with!

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