Friday, January 14

For your viewing pleasure: chair candy

Here is some b.e.a.utiful work done by my friend Allie. When she got these chairs they were nothing more than bones...exactly like my dining room chairs- which are still just bones.
 We found the KWID Imperial Trellis for, I think, about 8 dollars at Sleepy Poet...I tell you again, there are treasures there. Allie (with the help of her crafty mom) finished the frames in a red lacquer and upholstered the chairs (there are two)  from the ground up. Can you believe it? I need a step by step from her.
 And lastly, a sneak peek at the color we chose to paint baby-girl-Barham's bedroom! Don't you know it makes my heart go pitter-patter, just call me twitterpated.

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Alexandra said...

I got 3/4 yard from sleepy poet, and 1 1/4 yards from Jenny over at Little Green Notebook when she had her first remnant sale last spring. Im still dreaming of coming up for another trip to the sleepy poet in the next few weeks to look for furniture and such!! -Allie

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