Thursday, January 6

I am learning... to process and keep working through chaos. Right now,  Reacher is mutilating one of those plastic multicolored bags you get in Mexico. When he brought it in a few seconds ago I realized that he has probably been working on it for a it's a goner.
(the criminal in question and me at Hilton Head over Thanksgiving- I will pepper this post with random pictures that I never got to share with y'all.)

So an update on life at this point. Maximilian is HUGE and not even six months old yet. Reacher had his first birthday party on Christmas Eve (Nate refused to sing Happy Birthday to him before his "cake"- Mom, my beautiful cousin, Kelly, and I serenaded him instead.)
Nate is LOVING his new job at CBRE where he gets to wheel and deal his way around the real estate world. 
(Acai bowls in Maui in July: (left to right: Kyle, Janelle, Nate, me))

Meanwhile, there's a whole lotta baby-bumpage going on around me. My matron-of-honor (hehe, matron), Alexandra, is due in April (which will make me an honorary aunt, right?)
Aww, cute little mama.
Her sister and my maid-of-honor (we call her Vanessa) just landed her a fine man and is gettin' hitched in a few months...whoop!
AND, guess what? I am also going to be a "real" aunt when this little boy below is born! (we currently call him Edgardo...probably still will even when Justine and Isaac pick a real name)
My cute knocked up sister-in-law! (Sorry Justine, I just had to say knocked up)
And so, amidst nurseries, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and lake house renovations I will be starting my second semester of interior design on Tuesday. We are already blessed beyond measure in this new year and I can't wait to see what else happens!

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Justine said...

Dude... I very much need to get you another baby-bumpage picture. That one looked better last night when I took it. Ugh. But I feel honored to be mentioned in your blog :) And my little guy even has his own space!

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