Monday, January 10

Winter strikes again

It snowed about five inches today here in Charlotte and we (work was canceled for Nate) spent the day with Reacher playing in the snow, catching up on TV shows and drinking Dean and Deluca coffee. I have a pot of homemade cheesy chicken chowder warming on the stove for the boys when they get in with frost-bitten fingers as Grey's Anatomy first season plays on our new Apple TV. This past weekend I went to Greenville to go fabric shopping with a friend for her baby girl's nursery. There is a fantastic and HUGE textile mill about 45 minutes from Greenville that opens its doors to the public once a month. Here is the website if you are down there and want to check it out. On Saturday Mom and I went furniture shopping for the lake house and, while we found hundreds of items we wanted, we will be making a trip to Hickory before we make any decisions. Seeing as the temperature should be in the teens tonight, and we are experiencing sleet for the remainder of the evening I am guessing that Charlotte will be closed down again tomorrow- no first day of school? We shall see. Reporting to you live from my couch, in my long-johns, drinking hot tea. Enjoy the snow those of you in the south!

P.S. Just got an email alerting me that the new issue of Lonny is live. Oh, life is good. AND tonight is The Bachelor...yes, I am admitting to watching it, every sketchy second of it. Anyone out there with me?

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i hope you all have a creative day said...

Ummm, I'm with you! I wish I could watch it with you like we always did- makes it so much better than watching it by myself.

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