Monday, January 17

Vase to lamp: the DIY that never was

I found this vase at HomeGoods for 16$ before Christmas. I, of course, wanted to DIY it into a lamp. Remember when I re-wired my thrift store lamps? But after thinking it over I didn't think I was ready for this one. This vase weighed about a ton...and the ceramic was 1/2" thick- I'm not that handy with a Dremel. I took it over to the girls at The Lamp Shop here in Charlotte and this is what came home! We are pretty much obsessed with it over here. The basic lamp build-up fee is $60, plus the cost of whatever base you choose (if any). I think thats a pretty amazing deal: custom lamp (potentially) under $100. Of course, most of that 60+ dollars was labor (because the parts are not expensive) but it saved me many hours of frustration - a win in my book!

1 comment:

Justine said...

love it! though, why do i suspect that i sat right next to it 2 days ago and didn't even see it? haha.

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